Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March Fat Quarter Club Collection: Botanique by Joel Dewberry

March is here and we have another gorgeous fabric collection on its way to our club members!  Botanique by Joel Dewberry is full of florals, geometrics and contemporary prints all blended together in two soothing color ways. 

All 24 Prints from Botanique

We have hand-picked this selection of 12 for our club members.  You'll receive 6 from each color way.  (Check out our Fat Quarter Club!)

Fat Quarter Club Selection

I love everything about this fabric line but there isn't much that Mr. Dewberry creates that I don't adore.  But what really floored me....I mean,  this really really took me by SURPRISE.... my daughter, who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with fabric, loved it.  Yes, she loved it....and she wanted me to make pillows for her new (extremely boring) IKEA couch in her room.  

I recently found out that my daughter also shares my affinity for odd and old buttons.  So the first pillow I made very simple.  Just a 16 patch with 5" squares.  My plan was to tuft it with a few of my vintage brass buttons.  I spent a good half hour sifting through my tin.  It was a good time!  

I locked the buttons using a small button on the back.  While the front buttons are extremely old, the back buttons are probably of the 60's/70's eras.

Kinda hard to see but one has a little Scottie dog, one a clover, all different colors.  Kind of fun!  Like my girl!

For the other pillow, I knew I wanted to do some applique since acquiring my new (and absolutely FABULOUS) Pfaff Performance machine....still getting to know will be forthcoming.

I really like this one.  Just a simple rail fence made to measure 18.5" square.  I took a piece of my favorite print and mimicked the Lotus type shape within it with the solid coral.  Using a lightweight heat bond product, I adhered to the center and used a blanket stitch all around.  Then I cut out the center piece, ironed that on and satin stitched all the way around that one.  

She just walked in the door and I got one thumb up....the other arm was holding her iPad, phone, a snack and a drink.  The door is now closed and I won't see her again until dinner....{siiiigh} I love living with a teenager!

Club Members:

You have the option again this month to purchase the entire collection.  If you do, you will receive free shipping.

Next month will bring Fox Field by Tula Pink!  Here are the twelve we've pre-selected for your collection.

It's an interesting one!

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Helen M said...

Oh joy and oh Joy. All of this is gorgeous and delicious. I love your pillows too.