Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fireworks Quilt!

Today's tutorial is dedicated to our Fat Quarter Club Members!  We have a fun club that will provide you an automatic shipment of 12 fat quarters every month!  Our April collection is PB & J by Basic Grey.  This fabric is rather "vintage-y" for lack of a better non-word.  A little different for the vibe of our shop but when I saw it at Fall Market, I was smitten!  It's not a bad thing to step out of my aqua/pink/lime box, right?

If you are interested in joining our Fat Quarter Club, you can check out our info link on our website, or you can email us at

First, take your fat quarters and cut them all into 4~5" x 18" strips as shown in the picture below. Trim off your selvage, cut your strips and you'll have a small strip left which will be scrap.
First trim off your selvage and cut into 4 5" x 18" strips.

Take two of those 5" x 18" strips and trim to two 5" x 14" rectangles. The 4" left over will be scrap.

Take the other two 5" x 18" strips and cut into six 5" squares as shown below.

Cut four 5" x 18" strips into six 5" squares and two 5" x 14" rectangles.

You now have six 5" squares and two 5" x 14" rectangles from all 12 prints. Now find a pair of jeans that can be cut up! If you happen to use a denim that has a stretch to it (ie: 1% spandex) best to interface it with a French Fuse or woven single sided fusible interfacing like SF-101 by Pellon. Just to ensure that the stretch won't be a problem when quilting. (I used my hubby's jeans as men's jeans rarely have a stretch.) Cut twelve 5" squares from your re-purposed denim. Now we're ready to start piecing.

For my pictures, I'm using a directional print. Remember to piece them correctly so your design lines up right.

Piece a print 5" square to a denim 5" square with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seam away from denim.

Piece a second print square (matching the other side) to the other side as pictured above. Press seam away from denim.

Now piece your 5" x 14" rectangles to the top and bottom of your 5" square set to create a frame around your denim square. Press seams away from denim.

Repeat for all 12 denim squares and you will have 12 blocks that will finish to 13.5". Arrange your blocks in a 3 x 4 fashion to your liking. You will sew 4 rows of three blocks and then sew your rows together. In order to avoid bulk in my seams, I rotated each block so the seams on one block were sewn to the side of the next block without seams.

You will have four 5" squares left of each print or 48~ 5" squares. If you would rather not use the denim center square, you can take from this pile of extra 5" squares to place in the center of your "frames". HOWEVER, if you use a denim or other fabric outside of your fat quarters for your center, you will have enough 5" squares left to create a scrappy border like we did. With the 5" square border, your finished quilt will measure 49.5" x 63".

I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt this one yet. I may send it to our local long arm quilter but I have really been wanting to practice my free-motion skills and since this quilt will be our "Fireworks Quilt", ie; laid out on the grass for our local Fireworks Display this Fourth of July, it might just be the perfect practice palette for me!

I hope you enjoyed this very easy and quick way to turn your PB & J fat quarters into a fun picnic quilt!



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