Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flea Market Inspiration

Since the Dallas show, I have found myself needing to take a step back.  Breath a little.  Dallas is always one of our favorite places to visit with the shop but the preparation and execution of this show takes months and just about drains me of all energy.  We had so much fun seeing our old friends and meeting new ones!  The week after Dallas is always Spring Break for the little one so I enjoyed slowing down and spending some much needed time with her.  We did touristy things... museums and shopping.  We even took a couple days to lounge in our jammies and watch movies. You just need to do that from time to time.  Toward the end of our "vegetable" state, I was craving inspiration.  I don't know where you go when your creative tank is empty but I enjoy spending time in flea markets and antique shops.  I'm a collector so I have to be very careful and use every ounce of restraint I can muster so I'm not bringing home massive amounts of unnecessary items.  I have become more selective in my "maturity".  When I saw this, I couldn't pass it up!

At first glance, I thought it was so pretty.  That teal blue background is one of my favorite and most inspiring colors.  Of course, my husbands first question was "What do you need that for?"  Well, what kind of question is that?  "Need" is a relative term.  Did I "need" it like I need water or food?  No.  But your creative spirit needs nurturing and like water and food nurtures your body, I was convinced that this little gem would nurture my creative soul!  

I figured out that it is actually a cigarette box. It has a neat little match box holder inside.

I have been SO inspired by this treasure!  Many ideas are flitting around my brain!  Now, all I need to do is find the ever elusive TIME to bring my ideas to life!  Wish I could find THAT at the flea market!