Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WAY COOL Market Find!

I know, Fall Market was like...a long time ago.  But I wanted to do this new product justice so I waited until it was the right time to tell you all about it!  (By "right time" I simply mean that I have an extra 3 minutes in my day to type this up!) 

Introducing...drum roll......STORYPATCHES!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am technically challenged and way behind!  I discovered this QR code thing a while ago and even got our shop a code to post in our booth:

For those of you who are searching for a hidden message in the above picture, STOP.  This is a QR, or Quick Response, code.  It was developed with the "SmartPhone" in mind.  You download the QR application to your phone or tablet and scan these codes with your camera.  The application will then send you to a website which will give you further information in the form of text, picture or video.  If you scan my code above, it will take you directly to my website!  I have it taped to my register at shows so people can see my website while they are in my booth.  Pretty cool, huh!?

So, this genius of a guy named Mike has now taken the QR code and applied it to the sewing and crafting world!  He manufactures QR codes printed out on fabric!  There is a sew-on and an iron-on version both of which are washable.  And you don't HAVE to have a SmartPhone either.  The patch also comes with a letter code that can be entered into the website so you can upload your content to the code AND the recipient can see the content on their computer. was named one of the Top 20 Products at the Craft and Hobby Association Show!  It was number one on my list! 

In addition to the fabric codes, they also offer codes for paper crafting like Scrapbooks and Card Making.  We are offering both the Sew-On and Iron-On versions of the product! 

How does work? allows individuals to use special labels to create permanent digital connections between their favorite online memories and physical items like quilts and other fabric creations. After purchasing one of the labels, scan your label with the free iPhone or Android application, or enter in the ten-letter code at their website. You are then given options for picking which video, photo, audio or text file you want to connect through your label. Once saved, that link is there forever, and can be placed wherever you want to share or save a memory.

Chief and I have been having fun thinking up all sorts of ways to use these!

What about:

If you make quilts for Quilts of Valor or Wounded Warriors, attach a code and upload a thank you video, text or maybe a picture of everyone who helped make the quilt. 

Make an appliqued tea towel to wrap around a plate of cookies with a QR code attached that has the cookie recipe on the website.  (I don't know about you but I always lose my recipe cards!)

Make a quilt for a loved one and upload a video or picture for the recipient.

Make a toy for a little one and attach a message to it.

I mean, honestly, the uses are endless!  Now, each message is limited to 50 MB which is equivelant to approximately 2 minutes of video so the amount of content is certainly limited.  But it is saved forever on the website!

For more information about these cool products, head over to the FAQ page:

If you are interested in purchasing a label or two, we have them in the shop:
Because these are so small and can fit in a small envelope, we will be altering the shipping price manually if you purchase.  It will be mailed via USPS First Class.  If you have any questions about shipping or ANYTHING before ordering, email us at shop {at} ajoyfulsoulfabrics {dot} com.

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