Monday, June 4, 2012

Stars Over Abilene Quilt Show Recap!

Okay, can I just say...I am tired...

It's a good tired but tired nonetheless!  "Mini-Me" is now out on summer vacation and we are making plans but we decided that after being on the road last week, this week was going to be restful.  She was able to travel with us to the Stars Over Abilene Quilt Show and everyone was so excited to see how big she had grown!  She was in second grade the first time we vended in Abilene...she's now going into Junior High and this Mama is in denial! 

The show was fabulous!  Due to our Duty Station move, we weren't able to vend last year or the year before but I was intent on returning this year.  We took little one out of school the last day and made it a family affair. 

Let me stop talking and just show you some pics!

First, our booth!

I really must give all credit to the Chief on this one.  He did the layout and all the heavy lifting.  I'm a lucky girl!

And now, just a few of the beautiful quilts on display!

My friend, Kathy's booth of The Enchanted Quilt.

We had a great time but I am really happy to be home and back in the studio!  I'll be super busy this month writing lesson plans and teaching at The Scrappy Quilter this month!  Our next show isn't until September in Austin so I have a few months to breath!

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Cherie said...

Great photos! I love your booth!
So funny when something says do not touch it only tempts you into touching it =D