Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ugly Stool Update

Yes, we have finally come to a meeting of the minds and I must say, I truly adore my business partner.  Not just because he happens to be the father of my child and husband but because this man would happily sit on a hot pink stool for three days if he thought it made me happy.  I am a lucky girl...the luckiest.  I don't always show him how grateful I am.  Sometimes I can be an absolute bear to live with but how many girls can say that their husbands follow them around the country, planning and executing amazingly beautiful fabric booths, driving for hours on end dragging a loaded trailer, sweating his behind off doing ALL the heavy lifting and helping me with customers 8 hours a day for 3 days straight all with a genuine smile on his face? (And yes, even demo-ing the Strip Tube Ruler!) 

So, the ultimate decision was left up to me.  He was perfectly happy with whatever I wanted to do.  At first, I messed with him a bit...because it's so much fun...and told him I was covering the seat in the most floral-y, hot-pink and turquoise fabric I could lay my hands on.  I told him I was spray painting the stool hot pink and I was going to spray an overlay of glitter and hang pom pom trim around the seat.  Even he didn't believe I was being straight with him so he just said, "That's fine, whatever you want to do."  No fun! 

To be honest, I really did want to spray paint the metal but it has rained here everyday for two weeks (Thank goodness!  We needed it!) and the air is saturated.  I'm worried that the paint wouldn't dry right with all the moisture so I'm keeping it black....for now.  I found a scrap of Treasure Box from Amy Butler's Lark Home Decor line.  We sold out of this fabric in Dallas but I went digging through my project scraps and I found a piece I think will work perfectly.  It has a beautiful geometric print on it with a charcoal color so it will work great with the black stool but it is very frilly in the print with green, pink and turquoise.  A perfect meeting in the middle!  Plus, I have a gum drop pillow that matches so this stool might actually become a permanent fixture in my studio!  I laid the seat down on to the wrong side of the fabric and trimmed around with my rotary cutter leaving plenty of fabric to pull around and staple with a gun.

Look, he even did the stapling for me because the gun scared me to death!  I'm such a girl.  (We had to make sure the staples were the right length.  The board in the seat was very thin and you certainly don't want to sit down on long staples poking through the board!)  Once the fabric was tightly affixed to the seat, he trimmed out all the excess and installed it back onto the frame.

So, while the metal parts are still a little banged up and I will eventually take it apart again to spray paint, I think it looks amazing.  So much better than the ugly black vinyl.  And I feel even more blessed than I did before this project.  I realize that I am married to a man who would gladly sit on a "girl-ified" chair for three days if it made me happy. 


Anonymous said...

Cuz the Chief is AWESOME!!! Except how am I suppose to pinch his butt at the shows if he's sittin' on a stool!?!?! Will I get to see this lovely project in Abilene next month? ~ Tricia

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Well, now you know he'll get up to hug you so you can sneak it then! Of course, it will be there! Assuming it's not the "one thing" we forget. There's always something that gets left behind accidentally! Looking forward to seeing you!

The Couch Potato said...

that stool is definitely not ugly anymore.

Kelly said...

Love it. Turned out so good!!

Cherie said...

What an amazing husband! The stool looks much better now! =D

Josie McRazie said...

I think it is a great modern print and hey, NOT hot pink!! LOL So I guess he should just thank his lucky stars!!