Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gum Drops! Sugar-Free!

In keeping with our Home Decor theme for Wednesdays, I wanted to show you our booth samples of the Gum Drop Pillows.  This is another Amy Butler Pillow Pattern and has been around for a while, longer than the Honey Bun from last week.  Another very easy to construct pattern, the hardest part was cutting out the pieces.  The way everything goes together, you almost HAVE to take advantage of it and create a kaleidoscope!  This makes it a bit challenging to make sure that your pieces are identical but it was so worth the extra work!  I love how they came together!  I used Home Decor fabric from Love and Lark.  If using Home Dec, you don't need any interfacing.  You can also make these with Quilting Weight but you will need to interface to give the pillow extra stability. 

They are so very stackable!  I started with the large size.  You have 6 pieces that are sewn together to make your pillow.  Sewing three pieces together for one side and then the other, you place these two units right sides together and sew all the way around leaving an opening on one side to stuff.  The directions say to hand sew this side shut which I did for the large pillow but it's so easy to put a zipper in, I added one to the small pillow.

She has you sew the top half of the pillow first, leaving the bottom half open for a moment so you can sew this hexagon over the top.  You can see this in the photo above.  The purpose of this hexagon is to cover up your intersection at the top where your pieces come together so no worries if your seams don't match perfectly!  Use this opportunity to use a coordinating fabric as well!  Make your hexagon different than your main fabric!  So many options!

I am in love with my small Gum Drop!  Not only is it some of my favorite Home Decor fabric from Lark but the design it made going together is so neat!  Each pattern piece is identical where on the large size, I made every other piece identical.

And look!  I loved my intersection at the top, I didn't want to cover it up!  Look at Amy's pillows she had made up for her Gypsy Caravan photo shoot!  Beautiful!  And she uses Quilting Weight here! 

Photo Courtesy of Amy Butler Design.

Home Decor sewing is simple and fun! 
What are you waiting for!?


Kelly said...

Oh I LOVE them!!

Cherie said...

Looking at it, it looks like one continuous piece of fabric. They look great =D