Friday, April 13, 2012

A + B = A KILLER Skirt!

Kay Whitt is a Rock Star in the design world!  She is the sole reason I love to sew garments!  Many years ago, I tried, Lord knows I tried, to teach myself how to sew garments.  But the patterns that were available to me back then were like reading a completely different language.  There were no patterns out there that were made for the beginner in mind.  As a result, a lot of fabric and garment pieces ended up in a box in my closet.  It was YEARS before I picked up the urge to try it again.  It all started when I met Kay at Fall Quilt Market in 2009.  She was wearing this amazing trenchcoat..Sophia to be precise!  I decided it was high time to give this garment thing a try again.  I amazed myself at my abilities!  Well, okay, it really wasn't my abilities but I finally found a pattern writer who spoke my language!  You know, basic english! 

Kay is a super talented designer who owns her own pattern company, Sew Serendipity.  She has several pattern books out and I own every one of them!  I really can't put my finger on why I can sew so beautifully while following her pattern versus a random pattern you can find at the "big box" stores but I just do!  I want to zero in on one particular pattern booklet that she has designed.  It's called Fashion Formula Skirts.  There's a Vol. 1 and now a Vol. 2.  I've made skirts out of both and I'm so smitten with the concept of these booklets.  If you're a math junky (and even if you're not) you will LOVE this!  The booklet first goes into your basic instructions entitled "General Instructions".  It will take you through the Recommended Tools and Notions, Sewing Terms and Abbrevitions, Seam Allowances and give instructions on how to properly take your own measurements for fit purposes.  It then goes into Technique covering options for finishing off the top of the skirt, hem band options and instructions on pressing intentional folds.  Next, she gives you patterns for three (Vol. 1) to four (Vol. 2) different skirts.  Within each pattern, she gives you options for making it different and your own.  Geez, I forgot to mention the coolest part...NO PATTERN PIECES!!  So, here is MY skirt equation:

Elastic AND Drawstring Waist + Straight Hem Band + Gabrielle Godet Skirt, 2 Fabric Variation, 30" =
Joy's awesome new skirt!

I love, love, love it!  I used Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Corduroy for the main print and Soul Blossoms Quilting Weight for the Godets.  This particular skirt came from Volume 2.

You can find all the fabric and the pattern booklet in our shop to make your own fabulous skirt! 
It's skirt season!  Why not show off some of your fave fabric in your own wearable creation!? 


Anonymous said...

Very nice skirt. I found Kays patterns a few years ago. I have made skirts, shirts, dresses, purses and bags all from her books. Most were posted on her Facebook page. I love to see other peoples' take on her patterns. I bought some denim to make a skirt this year. I have don't know what pattern I want to use yet. But you have given me some ideas with this one. Thanks for the blog. And yes Kay is just wonderful with her directions and patterns!!

Sorry I don't understand computer stuff. So I am commenting as anonymous. Thanks.(Really I'm Gayle)

nanana said...

I LOVE skirts, these are so cute!