Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Side-Tracked!

I AM still working on the write-up for Amy Butler's Sunshine Quilt but with Halloween so close, I have another project in the works.  My daughter is 11 and last year decided that she was too old for Halloween.  No costume, no trick-or-treating.  Now, I'm not a HUGE fan of Halloween.  I do not get the entertainment value of being scared.  But, little costumes, pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate bats....love that!  When she announced she was too old, I very nearly had a breakdown.  She was only 10 at the time!  10 isn't old!  So, I was so completely giddy when she came to me this year and wanted me to make her costume!  First of all, my daughter is not impressed in the least with my sewing ability.  And the fabric business is really more of a hassle for her than anything else.  Poor baby, constantly having to succumb to child labor.  (She hands out cards in our booth at quilt shows!)  So, YES!!  She actually wants me to make something for her! 

Then she told me who she wanted to be.

This is Gir.  He's a robot that was sent to earth with Zim, an alien.  His goal is to conquer the human race.  Zim decides that Gir needs to be in a disguise so people don't suspect them as extra-terrestrial.

This cartoon, Invader Zim (Nicktoons), is the funniest show I have ever seen!  Now, I am a stupid humor kind of girl.  And this cartoon delivers, for sure!  With lines like, "Me and the Squirrel are friends," and "I was a chubby lady hidin' in the bushes," I giggle right next to my 11 year old through every episode.  

Turns out, this cartoon has quite a cult following and to be honest, I started worrying about my daughter being so smitten when I found out that Hot Topic carries ear and tongue "plugs" with Gir's image on it.  I also found a belly button ring.  But, I don't think that fact will mean that my baby will run out and get a Gir tat anytime soon.  

She did not want to be the robot version of Gir.  She wanted the disguised version.  Here's Gir in disguise!

 And here's what we have so far. 
 We only have the head so far.  I have about 3 yards of lime green fleece just waiting to be turned into a body.  I just hope it cools down around here.  She's going to be sweating her little tail off.
 As you can see, she is a true Gir fan.  Probably the number one fan!  She has all things Gir from pencils to hair barrettes to her favorite t-shirt.  And we ALWAYS get stopped in public so people can tell her that her shirt made them smile!  There are more Gir fans out there than I knew!  Are you a Gir fan too!?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Super Blog Giveaway!!

Welcome to all of our new followers!  As promised, we are having a super blog giveaway this month!  All you have to do is "follow" our blog and you will be entered to win!  The prize?

How about a copy of 'One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects' written by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins PLUS 10 yards of fabric!  Just "follow" the blog and you are entered!

Drawing to be held November 1, 2011!

This pattern book is awesome!  I've made several projects from this little gem!  It is a hard cover book with spiral instruction pages and full size pattern pieces located in an envelope on the inner cover.  The greatest part?  Each project requires ONE YARD of fabric!
Cool, right?

Here is a better view of the fabrics included.  I wanted to give a nice array of different designers and looks!  You'll find Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, MoMo, Lily Ashbury and Art Gallery Fabrics!

Such a great prize!  And just in time for your holiday sewing!

Tell your friends!