Monday, June 13, 2011

LOVING Jennifer Paganelli!

So, I've known of Jennifer Paganelli and have loved her fabric for a long time. But I've never been in the position to add her to our fabric shop...until now! Honey Child arrived in the studio this afternoon and I am staring at it with creative visions floating!This sparkling jewel-toned loveliness is INSPIRING!

I've gone ahead and put some in the shop even though I want to keep it all for myself!! Oh, and this is the July Club Fabric Collection for those of you wondering!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Peek Into My Chaos

Some people say they thrive in chaos. That is kind of true for me. I thrive in creative chaos, but if my room is a mess or the kitchen hasn't been cleaned, I feel off-kilter. Now, before you go thinking I'm some domestic goddess who always keeps a clean house, you couldn't be farther from the truth. My life is messy. It's difficult to clean up the clutter, run a business, take care of a family and all the other job descriptions I hold. You know what I'm talking about. I'm hardly alone in the messiness. Today was Field Day. (That's the Navy wife coming out!) Field day is the military term for "cleaning house"! Laundry was washed, dried, folded and, for the most part, put away. (I refuse to put away laundry for a 10 year old who is perfectly capable.) Floors are swept and vac'd, my hubby even got outside and washed windows and hosed down the house completely! We're sparkling here!

Since I spent most of the day cleaning and putting away 6 weeks of clutter, there wasn't a whole lot of time for creativity but I managed to create some chaos after cleaning up some chaos! I still have no idea what I'm doing but that's how I like it. The idea in my head is a kind of mini-sampler table runner. Right, it was supposed to be a baby blanket but I've changed my mind, which proves that there is just as much chaos in my brain as there is in my house AND studio!

No rhyme or reason, I know, but now you see how I operate! With absolutely no plan or pattern to speak of. And I think I'm going to have to get a bigger and more professional looking design wall! The batting scraps pinned to the wall with my daughters flower pins are HYSTERICAL!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Puzzling Day!

I put my little Lily Ashbury Summer House squares away today to finish up a sample for our booth. I've never been particularly fond of working with solids. Sure, I like to use them here and there but a quilt made entirely of solids was really never on my radar. When Amy Butler developed her quilting solids line a couple years ago, she also created the "Thea's Puzzle Quilt".

This quilt is simple in its construction but beautifully utilizes more than half of the 16 colors it was created for. Now, since her debut of her solids line, she has introduced 3 more colors to her original 16. So, of course, I had to throw those new colors in and added them to the original collection of colors she used in her quilt.

This is my enormous "nine patch" made from my puzzle piece blocks. I added the new Periwinkle, Mango and Coral colors and "Joyified" this pattern! You know I like my brights! This pattern is a free download on Amy's website. Click here to get your copy:

Thea's Puzzle Quilt

I kept the borders exactly how she instructs with the Lime Green for the inner border and the Ivory for the extra large outer border. Isn't this going to be a fun canvas for my quilter!

I can't wait to get it quilted now. I'm thinking I'm just going to give it to her and let her have at it! Looks good with my August Fields pillows, right?

So, I've been fairly productive today! I've had my puzzle pieces cut out for some time now and I had one square sewn together. I decided to take advantage of the air conditioning (it's beastly hot here!) and knock it out!

Tomorrow will be spent working on my Summer House Charm quilt while tackling the mountain of laundry that piles while I'm obsessed with my projects! I need to teach this 10 year old how to work a washer and dryer!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer House by Lily Ashbury

New fabric in the house!

Summer House Pre-cuts just arrived from Moda. This is a beautiful line designed by Lily Ashbury. It's very traditional in the prints but I just love the mix of lime green, royal blue, hot pink and soft aqua. I ordered a few charm packs and not many jelly rolls. (This is our August Club fabric.) The bolts should arrive next month. Now, what to do with these square little pockets of summer sunshine? I quickly improvised a design wall with some leftover batting and my daughters tacks from her bulletin board. Call me Quilty McGuyver.

Problem is, I don't know what to make out of this beautiful stuff! Here's one idea. Setting them all on point and trimming all the way around. I was also thinking of grabbing a solid from Amy Butler's line and put some inset triangles in there just to make it a bit larger. If I trim it out the way it is, we're looking at a quilt that will be roughly 26" finished. Not big enough to do much of anything with. I want to back it with Minky. We have a friend who is preggers and I am PRAYING it's a baby girl as this will most likely be her blanky.

I don't know, what do you think? I looked through some of my charm patterns and everything I saw would just detract from the beauty of the prints. I'm leaning towards the solid insets and I'll have a nice receiving size woobie!

If you want to secure some of this sunny stuff for yourself, like I said, I only have the charms and jelly rolls right now. But the bolts and fat quarters are coming and you can click the links below if you'd like to purchase what arrived this week.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Is Busting Out All Over!!

Isn't that how it goes? Carousel, right? It's been a while since my musical theater days but that song is STUCK like CHUCK in this brain of mine with no way out but to belt it like Nettie would! Ahh, that was another life of mine that I'll have to share with you later! Meanwhile, I've been traveling, sewing, experimenting in the kitchen and attempting to entertain a 10 year old now that school's out. Oh, and not doing any of them very well I might add!

But I've been having fun with the sewing thing! I have a customer who's been asking for a "pillowcase" type dress made out of Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush. I've seen several of these patterns and tutorials but nothing has ever really impressed me so I set out to make my own pattern. I made three at a time so I could experiment with different means of construction. I love that it really could fit any child from a 2 year old on up to my 10 year old! How's that for longevity! I mean, we won't mention that by the time she's 10 years old it will have every type of ice cream, popsicle and hot dog stain you could imagine. Still, it's cute, and those stains won't even show up on this fabric anyway!

My little girl with her porcelain skin! She is literally allergic to the sun. And any pollen/seed/weed that gets carried in on this strong South Texas wind. So needless to say, we spend a lot of time indoors unfortunately. Although, our goal was to get out and walk every morning during Summer break and so far, I am proud to say, we've only missed one day out of the last...four. Okay, not a GREAT track record but I have to pick my battles around here and it was NOT happenin' this morning!

My Art Gallery and MoMo quilts came back from the quilter last week. I'm so pleased with them! Bindings are on the "To Do" list.

We brought the Just Wing It kit to the Kerrville show and I received so many oo's and ah's! I think it's the bright colors mixed with deep eggplant purple and flying just HAVE to LOVE it! I know I loved making it. So happy and cheerful! And yet another "Afternoon" project! I love when I can finish a project in one day!

Isn't the quilting pretty!? The quilting here was done by Doris at The Quilting Queen in Brownwood, Texas. If you'd like her info, send me a comment and I'll get you her number.

This is the kit now available in the shop. Also, this is our June Fabric Collection for the clubs!

We also have the 2.5" strips and a fat quarter set available along with some yardage but your best deal will be to join our Clubs. You'll get a pattern book for the $10 membership fee and then you'll get your fabric selection for the month at $30 vs. $35. Good deal, right!? I had so much interest that I've added more clubs so there is plenty of room! We'll do this through October and then start over in the Spring!

I think I've mentioned before that I joined my own club. I joined the Strip Club and here is what I've made with my May fabric collection, Bazaar Style by Art Gallery Fabrics. The pattern came from the pattern book we are providing to all Strip Club members. This is such a pretty quilt and the fabric is so different from the June fabric collection! Wait til you see July! It should be here on Monday!

This is made with one 2.5" strip roll and a little extra yardage for the inset triangles and borders/binding. So "blingy"!

As for the kitchen experiments, I don't have any pictures. But in case you were curious, they were lemony and were delicious and I better NOT skip my walk tomorrow morning!

I hope you are finding some time to beat this heat and CREATE!!