Monday, December 5, 2011

Pillow Perfection

Let's take a bit of a break from Sunshine (it actually IS cloudy today) and take a look at some other patterns.  Listen, it's December 5 today.  I'm not going to blow smoke up your skirt and say that you have plenty of time to sew up some holiday gifts.  Time is running out!  BUT, these two projects I'm about to show you are absolutely quick projects and with USPS Priority CAN be done!

While at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, I found La Todera!  So happy I did!  Very creative patterns!  I brought home two, Flatty Dogs! and the Harlequin Star Pillow.  I love all things 3-D!  Especially sewn.  It makes sewing more interesting when you are sewing in 3-D!

We've been working on samples for our 2012 booth and it was a given that these two patterns would really stand out!

The Flatty Dogs pattern is one of my faves simply for the nostalgia of it!  Come on, all you girls who grew up in the 70's, you had one right?  Only the patchwork was probably leftover burnt orange, avocado and harvest gold polyester.  Okay, well maybe not but I DO remember the Scotty Dog patchwork pillow.  Well, this pattern is bigger and better than any dog pillow from the 70's.  First off, both of these patterns use 1" fusible quilters grid..."the secret weapon".  Talk about precision seams.  I didn't think it was possible but with this little cheat, it is!  My new favorite notion!  I decided to get super nostalgic and do the Flatty Dog in Sophie by Chez Moi.  When I first saw this fabric it immediately brought me back to my childhood.  It's Holly Hobby and Strawberry Shortcake all rolled into one!  (Yes, I loved both! In fact, I had a Strawberry Shortcake bike....banana seat, basket and bell on the handle bars!  My room was Holly Hobby.  I am a girl of the 70's for sure!)

Here's my Flatty Dog:
I didn't fill it super full of stuffing.  I wanted her to be squishy soft!

I haven't figured out her eyes yet.  I have beautiful vintage buttons that will probably win out.

Go ahead!  Take a good close look at my seams!  I haven't started Baby yet.  This is the Mommy size.  For Sophie pre-cuts to make this cutie, visit Sophie Jelly Rolls or Sophie Charm Packs.

In the background is our Sophie's Garden Quilt Kit but it's actually the back of it.  Here's the front:

This is a super easy fat quarter quilt kit!  It will be on the road with us if we don't sell out before our shows!  The perfect set!  A beautiful quilt with a matching Flatty Dog!

Also completed this weekend were both of our Harlequin Star Pillows!  These will be part of our Amy Butler Lark display.

Both of these patterns take 2.5" squares.  I used a Lark Strippy Roll for these samples.  Out of one strip roll, you can get 4 pillows!  $35 for four pillows!  LOVE IT!  You can also use 5" charms, just cut into 2.5" squares.  

Yet another project that requires me to sift through my many vintage buttons...BUMMER! 

I have to admit, my favorite thing about these pillows is how stack-able they are!

So, if you want to make one of these for yourself, I've linked everything above to our store.  If you have any questions, you can always post them here or email us from the website!
More finished projects are coming, as well as Sunshine Installment 3 where we'll piece the backing and get it basted for quilting!

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Julie said...

AAAwwwwww!!! You guys- These turned out great!! I'm so proud!!
-Julie of La Todera