Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Sunshine Quilt: Part 2

Okay, so I've been distracted.  But, I'm ready to show you my finished quilt top! 

Now, we left off at following the written instructions and putting your blocks together.  Your paper is all still attached so as you sew it together, it's going to get heavy.  Having your machine on a table that will have some room for support of the top will make it easier.  As you put your blocks together, use pins!  Sewing on the black line of your papers will ensure accurate seam matching as long as you've got pins there and are supporting the heavy top with a table.  The heaviness will pull your seam and you'll lose the accuracy.

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous post:  Shorten your stitch when you sew.  I shorten mine to a 1.5.  This will help perforate that paper and make it easier to tear out.  It also makes it harder to rip out when you've made a mistake.  So don't make a mistake!  Easy!  Actually, I made a few mistakes when piecing but there is plenty of extra fabric so you can just toss the mistake into your scrap bin.

Once your top is sewn together you can start ripping your papers out.  Just sit in front of the TV and go for it.  Have a vacuum handy.  It will look like Rip Taylor went through your house with his bucket o' confetti. As you tear out the paper, you must pull to the side rather than up.  Pulling up will put too much strain on your seam.  Pulling to the side will help shred that perforation and put less pull on your seam.

Now that all the paper has been removed, you are free to press!  I used a little starch as I went pressing seams open wherever I could. 
Go ahead!  Take a close look!  Foundation Paper Piecing will give you the sharpest seams and everything lines up perfectly if done correctly!  And let's face it, even if a seam isn't perfect, how in the world will you ever notice with this beauty!

Now, I have to apologize.  When I first started this project, I had a quite a few kits available.  I am down to only one.  I will re-order this fabric but not until January.  So if you want this kit for a Christmas break is the link:

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Kelly said...

OOh - it's absolutely gorgeous Joy!!