Monday, September 26, 2011

Staying on Subject!

I'm so proud of myself!  In keeping with the thought of the week, I am Holiday Sewing today!

I'll go through this kind of quickly seeing as how I have a child, two dogs and a husband to get to bed so I can go catch up on my Vampire Diaries episodes!

Sewing for:                                        TEACHERS!!

My daughter is in the 6th grade and has 7 teachers!  They say they are preparing them for Junior High but I don't think I had 7 teachers in high school!  Lucky for me, all seven teachers are women!  Yeah!!  Last year, I made some cute little key cuffs and tissue holders for the two female teachers she had.  They were well received!  I think handmade gifts are so appreciated by teachers!  Better than chocolate or cookies!  (For TEACHERS, not me! I prefer chocolate and cookies!)

I was playing in my "sewing lab" this afternoon.  I had a customer in my booth, once upon a time, who mentioned this really cool idea for a purse closure.  Wish I could tell you I was smart enough to come up with this but I'm not!  I wish I knew the persons name who brought this to my attention so I could give her credit. Measuring Tape!  The metal kind!  You know when you're measuring something with a metal measuring tape and snaps and goes flying through the air and almost hits you in the eye?  No?  Must just be me.  Anyway, went to the Dollar Store and found one for a buck!

Fabrics used:

Bliss Bouquet Teal                                                            Sun Spots Olive

I cut it to 8 inches and rounded the ends.  Next time I will also put a layer of duct or painters tape around the cut edges.  It slices right through fabric, fingers and I'm sure a metal can.  I used an old pair of kitchen shears that will NEVER be the same!

One cut for each side of the purse.

 I cut a pattern piece that was 8.5" across the top and 10.5" across the bottom and I used my ruler and rotary cutter to make a cut from corner to corner, tapered.  I cut 2 exterior and 2 lining pieces.  I also attached pieces of Thermolam Plus to both exterior fabric pieces.  Thermolam is single sided fusible fleece that is my favorite interfacing ever!

I then sewed the top of the lining to the top of the exterior on both sides and placed them right sides together, pinned at each seam to line them up and make sure they were matched.

I sewed 1/2" seam allowance all the way around leaving a 4" opening in the bottom of the lining.

Trim the corners of your exterior.  That's a lot of bulk!

4" opening across lining.

Okay, now I sewed a topstitch all the way around the top of the bag about an 1/8" from the edge.  Then I worked the two tape measure lengths, with the curve facing the exterior on both sides in between the exterior and lining.  I actually ended up having to trim the tape measure a little to fit into the top of the bag.  Once you've worked it all the way up to the top, pin all the way around the bottom of the tape measure piece so you can sew all the way around to close it up.

You can see how the tape measure "pops" open and stays open.

Snapped shut!

The finished project.  No, you probably can't keep pennies in there without them falling out but I wanted to make a cute little bag that would hold a lip balm, a cell phone, personal items...something they can either toss in their purse or maybe keep in their desk.  We'll put a lip balm, small lotion and a tide pen in each one for our teachers!  Since this was my "tester"....yep, you guessed right, I'm keeping it!  Gosh, I'm doing a lot of sewing but not a whole lot of "list scratching"!  Anyway, I really do want to play with the construction of it.  I want to use the lining fabric as a trim across the top but when I tried it, the metal sliced through the fabric.  That's why I need to probably tape the ends so it won't do that.

I'm really happy with the outcome!  I placed my sunglasses in there and it was a perfect fit!  My daughter put her DS in there, perfect fit!  So many uses and it was a QUICK project!  

This was the fastest blog post I've ever done so if anything wasn't clear or you have questions, comment here and I'll get back to you right away!


Kelly said...

I absolutely love this. And not only because you made it in my favourite fabric ;o)

quilter4 said...

Now I'm going to run to my dollar store....thanks for the great idea! Are your key cuffs on this blog? I'd love to see them. Another great idea!