Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coffee Cozies Anyone?

Yet another CRAZY quick project for you!  I drink massive amounts of coffee.  I love it, I've tried to quit it, but it just ain't gonna happen.  Coffee is my BFF.  So imagine my giddiness when I came across this pattern by Erin Harris of House on Hill Road.  Here is a link to her coffee cozy .pdf pattern:

I found this pattern a couple years ago while trolling the web for cute projects.  At the time, I had two very good friends who were as addicted to Starbucks as I was so I made this for them as a Christmas gift.  They both loved it!  I LOVE giving handmade!!

I am going to make these for the people who work with my husband.  Of course, I'll have to find some Air Force and Army fabric.  My closet is already full of Navy fabric so my Navy peeps are taken care of!  We'll make each instructor a cozy and put a Starbucks Gift Card in there as well.  Here are some pic's from my "tester".  Yep, it's MINE!!  (I know, I'm pathetic!)

I dug through my scrap bin to find my fabrics.

The instructions say to use a cotton batting or an insulated batting which I happen to have plenty of from my I-Think-I'll-Make-My-Own-Pot-Holder episode.  (Never did.)

This part I thought was ingenious!  Erin has you use a hair elastic for your button loop.  I've seen other patterns for cozies like this that just use elastic.  How BORING!  This way, I can color coordinate!

Sewing all the way around, leaving a 2-3 inch opening to turn on the bottom.

Trim out the seams to a scant 1/4".

Push out your corners VERY CAREFULLY.

Top stitch all the way around to close up your opening.

Attach your button!

How awesome is that?!  Go to Erin's blog and check it out.  Gorgeous photography!  Puts my pic's to shame but hey, you get the picture!  I also LOVE Erin's copyright statement on her pattern!  "For personal use only.  Please don't sell anything made from this pattern.  It's bad karma."  AMEN to that! 

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Kelly said...

Wow Joy - it turned out so so cute. Love it xxx