Monday, April 4, 2011

UBP Party Post!!

Hi! I'm Joy! I started blogging as a way to create a virtual community for my customers at A Joyful Soul Fabrics, my fabric and craft business! I have customers from all over the world and really enjoy sharing my craft success AND "craft-astrophies" of which I have a few. Most of all, I want a place where people can share and maybe even inspire or be inspired! I love what I do and HAVE to share it with the world!


NJDecorator said...

Hi, I just stopped over from UBP11 and wanted to say hey! Plus I am a Home Stager/redesigner and though - ooooo...fabric!
Can't wait to learn more.

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Hi, NJ!! Glad to meet you! LOVE your blog! I'm so excited to follow you! I need all the redesign and decorating ideas I can get!! (Remembering to put the laundry away would be a good start!)