Monday, April 4, 2011

365 Days??

I am so incredibly fascinated by the 365 day blogger. You know who I mean, right? The person who commits to posting daily and even farther than that, commits to accomplishing something to blog about daily. The movie Julie and Julia comes to mind. What a commitment to actually attempt a gourmet recipe daily for an entire year. If I remember correctly it was actually over 500 recipes in one year so that blows my mind even more. (Especially since I HATE to cook.)

I was perusing the internet this weekend looking at some gorgeous crafty blogs and there were a couple out there that had "365 Day" commitments. Seriously? You have to be super-motivated to commit to something like that. Or live across the street from Starbuck's and NEVER sleep. It's not that I don't think I'm crafty enough, I am. I just like to sleep too. These blogs were inspirational. How I wish I could be as inspirational! Sorry, I'm challenged when it comes to daily craftiness. I'm going to be honest with you right now, I have time to blog now because I haven't showered yet. It's 9:45. Nuff said. Didn't know how much honesty you were going to get subscribing to my musings, did you!?

All of this being said, I WAS inspired to try an idea I've been obsessing about for a while. I have a pack of fat quarters I've been sitting on for a month. I love this fabric, Weekends by Erin Mc Morris for Free Spirit. I have it in the store but I really bought it all because I wanted it for myself. (Perks of owning your own fabric store!) I'm wanting a picnic quilt. Not that we picnic. I have a husband and daughter who I swear are allergic to fresh air and sunshine. But still, I could picnic by myself....okay that's really sad. We'll call it a "lay out in the sunshine and read a book quilt".

I'm not a traditional quilt type of girl. Originally, I wanted to do this fabric up in pinwheels but when I started looking at patterns, I got bored. I decided to do this one up on my own. I took a couple fat quarters and stacked them, cut out a 10.5" by 8.5" rectangle (I really just pulled that out of my head, no reason for that size).

I just free-hand cut a squiggle down the middle. This is by no-means an original idea. I believe it's called "Stack and Whack" piecing. I have no idea if there is a pattern out there like what I am doing. There probably is, if you know of one, let me know so I can give credit.

When you piece curves, you have to really manipulate the fabric grain. You're basically piecing a smily face to a frowny face. I didn't pin, you know how I feel about those things. Pinning is probably a good idea but I think it turned out great without pinning! I have some experience piecing curves with a really pretty Judy Neimeyer pattern (Autumn Splendor) hanging on my wall. (It will be a while before I attempt another one!)

I had enough room to trim to 10" x 7.5" so my finished block will be 9.5" x 7". Just picture a full size quilt with a bunch of these blocks in these fabrics:

And even better! It's for ME!! All mine! So, here's my 365 Day commitment! Ready? I will have this quilt top 365 days. Now, for the more pressing commitment...try and shower at least 182.5 days of the year. (I'm kidding of course, I shower everyday...just a little later than most people.)


Lee said...

Debbie Bowles from Maple Island Quilts was the first to publish that technique and it has been around for a while. Gives great results! Will eagerly await the progress reports.

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Thanks so much, Lee. I knew it had to be out there somewhere. I very rarely have an original idea!