Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finishing it up!

Now that my quilt top is finished, it's time to plan for the backing. I had quite a bit of rectangles and squares left over from the top so I have a nice amount to work with. I also have fabric left over from the 17 fat quarters I used to cut my "footballs" from so I collected all of those pieces and started cutting.

Just one example of a piece left over from the applique cutting.

I trimmed both long sides and got one piece that was at least 5 1/2" wide which is the common width of the rectangles and squares I had left over from the top. I cut the smaller rectangle just in case I needed it. (I don't waste a lick of fabric!)

I trimmed up the ends to square them off and here is what I had after cutting from all my scraps and using the top leftovers.

Totally busted but I don't work without them this time of year!

I randomly started piecing long rows by sewing short end to short end using the long floral pieces and the shorter rectangles and squares from the top. Then I just pieced those rows together. It looks really cool and I didn't have to match any seams! Good news for me!

I tried to casually place the fabrics so no prints were too close to each other. I started driving myself crazy so I just let go of my OCD and sewed it all together. It's a backing, really, what's the big deal?

As for the quilting, since the quilt is only 50" square, I decided me and my BFF (My Pfaff) could handle it ourselves. I spray basted it all up and used a cotton/bamboo blend batting. (Nice and light and a dream to quilt!) Inside the footballs I spiraled the shape and kept it 1/4" apart. So I didn't have to keep spinning my quilt under my very short neck domestic machine, I stopped at the tip of the football and threw ole' Pfaffy in reverse. I was using my 1/4" foot so it allowed me to see the stitching clearly as I was sewing in reverse. It took a couple rounds to get the hang of it but it worked well. (And I only forgot to switch directions a couple times!) On the outside of the footballs, I shadowed the applique about every 1" for a total of 4 times. I eyeballed it. I wanted to prove to my customers that come by the booth that they CAN do this themselves! It was super simple and I think the effect looks great!

As for thread, I use Aurifil 50 wt Mako in nearly everything I do. Piecing is a dream using this thread. Very little lint collection in your machine when you use this stuff. I had an Aurifil variegated thread in my box so I decided to use it to quilt as well. I made this to showcase the fabric so I didn't want the thread to stand out too much. The colors go from a peach to a light yellow, a little lavender and beige. It was enough to add a nice texture but didn't outshine the fabric.

You can't really even tell it's variegated unless you get up close and personal.

So, it's all quilted and squared up! AND I still have some fabric left that I am putting away for another project! You really could make this quilt bigger if you wanted to. You certainly have enough fabric if you buy the full set of Soul Blossoms fat quarters.

Now I need to figure out what to bind it in. I'm leaning toward the blue Laurel Dots you see here in the middle. I'm stepping away for a few days and I'll return with a fresh eye!

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