Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anatomy of a Pig: Part Three!!

Great news! I found the camera! Then I lost the cord I needed to actually get the pictures onto my computer. But I found that too! Then the batteries in the camera's just been that kind of week. But things are looking up! I'm starting to enjoy my new surroundings, I've got my creative mojo coming back in baby steps and actually have been doing some sewing. It's been about 3 weeks since I plugged up my machine so it was a nice reunion! Of course, my first project was sewing patches on a new uniform which is not fun or creative but saved a little cash by not taking it to a tailor and I am ALL about saving a little cash!!

I promised an update on my Piggy Project sooner than later so here are the pic's of my Piggy all complete. She has no clothes to speak of yet and I lost one eye during this horrible move, but other than that, I think she's the beez kneez!

That eyeball is being held on by a pin. That's the white ball you're seeing. She'll look so much better when it's embroidered on...and when she has two eyes instead of one.

Sad but true, her body shape is much like mine right now. For a piggy it's fine but for We're working on that.

I love the way her arms are movable. In my last post, I stated that you use a large button as an anchor at each arm. I did not thinking that this doll might be given to a baby/toddler. No buttons allowed! So I just anchored it with thread. It worked great and they still move with ease.

I have a few sewing orders that need to be filled right now so Piggy will sit naked for a while. Once she has her permanent eyes, perhaps we'll find a suitable name.

I still have a bunch of these patterns available in the store: