Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anatomy of a Pig: Part Two...FINALLY!!

Most of you know we are a military family and have been in the throws of one of the worst moves we've ever experienced. While I am still surrounded by boxes and don't have a creative space to speak of yet, I decided today was the day I would post Part Two of my Piggy Project.

This project is great fun! I've always said that about Heather's patterns. She has the ability to allow you to really impress yourself with your skills! Her directions are always very clear and user-friendly.

WARNING: The following pictures are not for the squeamish!

Limbs are created first along with the tip of the nose. I must make a disclaimer here. Her pattern states not to use any fabric that has a stretch to it. I HAD to use a soft Minky on the piggy nose and ears. Anyone who has worked with Minky knows it has a nice stretch. I backed it with a woven interfacing to eliminate that stretch and it was very easy to work with. You might be able to make the whole piggy out of interfaced Minky but I don't think I have the patience to try that out. The ears and nose, no problem!

What you are seeing splayed out on my cutting board are my piggy's front sides. There are back side pieces and there is an inset piece down the front and one down the back. You have a total of six pieces that make up the body. This allows for a beautiful body shape with curves and contours that would make any pig green with envy! The arms are attached on the outside with a dollmakers needle using large buttons as anchors. I did not use buttons because I'm still not sure who this lovely will be gifted to. No buttons for babies!! The legs are attached while sewing your back three pieces to your front three pieces. She remains open in the... "unmentionable area" ....where you will stuff her with your poly-fil then hand-sew....that area...closed.

My piggy has been stuffed and sewn and is nearly ready for eyes and her pretty little hair ribbons. I would LOVE to show you a picture! I just haven't found my camera yet.