Monday, February 15, 2010

Yet Another Trenchcoat!


I made another Trenchcoat!

I just love this pattern and the look of the coat so much that I HAD to make another one for Spring. I used Amy Butler's new LOVE Home Decor fabric. This fabric is Sandlewood in Periwinkle and the sewing pattern is by Serendipity Studios, The Sophia Trenchcoat. The color is so pretty!

Raglan sleeves make this a quick and easy project. This is my second trenchcoat and I'm amazed at how quickly it goes together. If you've been wanting to try a fun and easy garment, this is the perfect pattern! There are a few left in my
online store!

Centering the pattern pieces on the print demanded about an extra 3/4 yards of fabric. If you don't want to order extra fabric, make sure your fabric isn't directional or something you want to center. If you don't care, no worries!

I don't think I'll be doing buttons on this. I'm going to find the perfect blouse and wear it open. If you've never made garments out of Home Decor, try it! It's the perfect weight for stylish coats or even skirts!