Friday, October 8, 2010

Windows open. Ready To Go!

Ah, this quilt. My Sweet Dreams sewing sessions are fast becoming my meditation time. I've opened the windows to let this crisp, cool Texas Fall air sweep into my sewing room and clear my mind of all that is stressing me out. For the minutes I am able to sit at my machine, the rhythm of piecing this quilt is helping me put my mind at ease. And isn't it easier to handle the trials that life can throw at you when your mind is in the right place?

The morning started a bit rocky. I exceeded my coffee limit of one cup and had a second which threw me into a caffeine induced craze. Even my daughter wondered what in the world was wrong with me. I'm silly to begin with but when she thinks I'm nuts, I know I've gone off the deep end! (All I remember was squaredancing with my Lab. And I don't know how to squaredance.) It took about an hour for that second cup to wear off so I am now ready to sit and center myself. I am now on the last unit of the second combination. Almost ready to piece all of these sparkling squares together.

One thing I must say before I forget. I did go out and buy myself a 6.5" square ruler. Can I tell you how much time I'm saving with this little beauty? Boatloads! If you attempt this pattern, invest in a 6.5" square ruler! I bought the Quilt-in-a-Day 6.5" Triangle Square Up Ruler by Eleanor Burns. Worth it's weight in gold for this project! (Any 6.5" square ruler will do!)

I won't have much time to work on this as the husband is off early today and will, I am certain, be ready to decorate this house for Halloween. It happens to be his favorite holiday so we "Griswald" it up at Halloween. It looks like the November 1st clearance aisle at Wal-Mart. The only thing I like about Halloween is candy corn (well, I LOVE candy corn) and the fact that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away. This year is particularly special. My sewing buddy and Mother-in-law will be joining us for Thanksgiving this year and I am so excited! I'll be setting up a second machine so we can make a quilt together. Now I need to find the perfect project! Then, the Christmas holiday will be spent with my family. I'm in desperate need of Mommy Time. You just can't be too old for some Mommy Time, can you? Well, I am going to turn on some Metric and Paramore and get back to my meditation. (Nothing like some good girl rock to get you going!) I'm hoping to have a finished quilt to show you by the end of this long weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Joy-you are nuts but I love it and you are so you. Two cups of coffee sends you over the edge-thats ok, now the square dancing with the lab? I don't know about that one. Tell Emmy to have a video camera ready next time. Have fun decorating. Sounds like fun! Aunt Judy