Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Bittersweet Ending

Well, it's done! And I'm kind of sad! Weird, right? I don't know, I've never quite had this feeling before. I've always been relieved when I've finished a project. But this one had me in such a quiet and peaceful place, I really am sad that I'm finished! I did disappear for about a week. My friends were wondering where the heck I went. But, I resurfaced this morning with my "Therapy" quilt finished. Now, when I snuggle under it, all of those peaceful and quiet feelings will come back to me!

I'm thrilled with it and I think I may even attempt to quilt it myself. It will look fabulous in our booth. The quilt I made above is from the Creamy Gelato colorway. I love the Apricot with the bright Fuchsia. It's truly sparkling! I do have these quilt kits available in the shop in case you're interested. Here is the other colorway. (Courtesy of Patricia Bravo.)

This is a fun looking color combo. Now the kit that is in the shop is bigger than the quilt above. The picture they sent me was of a smaller version of this. The kit is an 80"x 80" and has 6 12' finished blocks across. Here is a link to these kits:


Sew Donna said...

this is beautiful, congrats on finishing it!

TheBackPorchQuilters said...

It is so pretty