Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's an Upside Down Kinda Day

Well, I have so many projects on the docket for today and guess how much I've gotten done...yep, nada. Zip, zero, zilch. My baby is turning 10 on Saturday and of course requested a handmade purse for her birthday...yesterday. I love it when I have exactly two days to design and complete a purse with so many requirements it would take Kate Spade 6 months to deliver. It must have a zipper, it must be able to hold the Nintendo DS in its case, it must have outside pockets but not allow things to fall out...ugh, I'm tired just thinking about it. All of this AND I must incorporate her 4 favorite fabrics. Piece o' cake! My sketching is done and most fabric is cut. Now, I fly on a wing and prayer!

Step one:
Sewing the three fabrics of choice together to make up main panels. Sewing....sewing...take them to the pressing I sewed them on upside down. Looking for seam ripper...nope, nowhere to be found. Okay, embroidery scissors will do. Snip, snip, covered in little threads, back to the sewing machine. Sew, sew, back to the pressing board...MUCH better! Just as I envisioned it.

Step two:
Apply interfacing. First panel, press, gorgeous, nice and strong. Should withstand carrying around a DS and a book or two. Second panel, hmm, why didn't the interfacing stick? Wait, are you kidding me!? I put the sticky side upside down so now I have a panel of interfacing stuck to my pressing board cover.

NOW...I need to interject here for a moment. I am typing this as it happens and I named this blog BEFORE the upside down interfacing incident. Karma? You be the judge. (Forever jinxing myself! I swear!)

Okay, carrying on with interfacing and won't make the same mistake twice.

Step three:
Sew side panels to bottom. Done. Ugh, forgot the side pockets. Seriously? No biggee, improvise.
La La La, cut pockets, ooo it needs a stripey trim. Yep, so nice. I wonder how much time I would cut off this project if I stopped screwing up. Things that make you go...HMMM.

Improvisation complete, and not half bad if I do say so myself.

Step Four:
Attach exterior panels to side and bottom panel. Okay, not bad. Stabbed myself with pins a couple times but no blood so it's all good. That's why I very rarely use pins. They have something against me.

OKAY! Exterior is put together. Now I'll cut out the lining and I think I'll attach some fusible fleece to this. The fleece will help it hold its shape. I used a Decor Bond for the exterior fabrics which I'm not real sure about, time will tell. Sometimes Decor Bond doesn't hold up well under regular use. It really stiffens the cotton fabric so when its under a lot stress, the fabric almost crinkles like paper. It's easily flattened with a hot iron but a hassle. I'm not entirely certain that this purse won't end up at the bottom of her closet and Decor Bond was quick and easy. That's what you get when you want something in two days.

Well, I started at noon and it's now 2:20 PM. Hey, for not having a plan and making a ton of stupid mistakes, I'm in a pretty good place. Exterior is done, lining is done and the strap is basted on. All I need to do now is make the zipper panels, insert the zipper and put it all together. It will have to wait til tomorrow since the princess is out of school in 20 minutes! I better get my shoes on and hit the sidewalk!


Sew Donna said...

it's going to be beautiful!

Sew Donna said...

she is going to love it!