Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It Could Be Worse...right?

When I heard Heather Bailey was coming out with a new line of fabric, I scooped it up sight unseen. I've never seen a fabric she designed that I didn't like. This was back in August and it was due to arrive in December/January. Well, in that time we found out that the Navy requires my husband's service elsewhere and an impending move was looming. In my level-headed attempt to be logical, I called my Heather Bailey rep and canceled my Nicey Jane order. Of course, I cried, blubbered really. (It was ugly.) But we have to be smart about these things, right? The Navy will already laugh in my face about the 300 plus bolts of fabric I have here. I'll be renting a U-Haul for sure. After a few weeks of mourning, I was certain I made the right decision.

Imagine my surprise when my favorite UPS man arrived on my doorstep with four large boxes of Nicey Jane fabric....

Now, I started with the logical thing again...I never have been too good at that. I left the boxes in the garage knowing that I would place a call to my rep and have him send a call tag to send them back. "Well, let me just drag them into the house, they'll be safer there." 30 minutes later: "Well, they're sitting there and it wouldn't hurt to just break them open and take a quick peek. I can just tape it back up when UPS comes to pick them up. " Let me just spare you the inner angst I've experienced over the last 24 hours and end the story with, "Of course I kept the fabric."

My rep was very nice and apologetic and was very willing to have the fabric returned but my obsession with all beautiful textiles won over. I'm half wondering if someone knew my downfall and weakness and sent it knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist. There has to be a support group out there for me. My name is Joy, and I'm addicted to fabric. (It could be worse, right?)