Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LOVE is in the air!

I just received our shipment of LOVE and I am already designing! I'm working on a quick messenger bag that I can take with us to Market in Houston.
I am thrilled to see my favorite textile artists, Amy Butler and Heather Bailey, and too excited to spend time among my fellow fabric shop owners. I am even more excited about finding the newest and latest patterns and cool things to bring to you! Among the new patterns I'll be ordering are Amy's two new additions, "The Liverpool" and "Sweet Harmony". The perfect projects for the new fabric! I'm so ready to be inspired and rejuvenated among my peers and am looking forward to passing it along to you!

Do you have any questions for Amy or Heather? Is there anything you've just been dying to ask them? Let me know! We'll be heading down on Thursday and I'll be seeing both of them on Friday and Saturday! They are the sweetest women and I have a feeling no question is too strange! So let me know what you want to know!