Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wow, what a week. We arrived back at home on July 11 and it's already the 23rd. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I wake up and a couple days have past. How is it possible that life is flying by so quickly? I looked at Emme yesterday and realized that my baby is turning into a young lady. I completely freaked which totally freaked her out. (Of course, I grabbed her and started rocking her in my office chair. A little strange for an almost 9 year old. I suppose I would have looked at my Mom like she needed to be in a straightjacket too.)

I've been busy filling some sewing orders. Baby things and aprons mostly but I have finally come to a point where I can break, do a little blogging and actually clean my house. I have so many pictures I want to share with you.


I very rarely get a big deal made of my birthday. This bothers me. When I was little, my Mom and Dad made a huge deal of our birthdays. Why should this stop as we get older? How depressing! As if getting older isn't bad enough, now, our one special day isn't special anymore?? I think not! Since I was going to be back in San Diego for my birthday, I decided if no one else was going to make a big deal about my birthday, I was. No shame in throwing yourself a party! Yes, I am getting older. Closer to 40 everyday. But, I embrace it! For with years comes experience and knowledge and a better understanding of myself. Okay, so most of that is just to make myself feel better. I actually completely freaked that I now have to check the 36-45 age group on those stupid surveys. But why fight it, it happens to all of us. And honestly, the older I get, the more clear I am on what I want out of life. I guess that's a good thing, right? So, I wanted to celebrate. We floated in the pool, had some cocktails, my sister and her family came over to the house and we had CAKE.

Not just any cake, my Amy Butler cake. I brought a picture of my favorite fabric (well, one of my favorites), Trailing Cherry in Brown from Midwest Modern, into a cake design studio in my hometown. The name of the shop is Crumbs of Paris and if you live or are near the city of El Cajon, CA and you want a yummy but gorgeous cake, check them out. I would get married all over again just to have them do my wedding cake. Truly amazing what they do with a little cake and frosting. We sat down in the studio and did a little cake tasting (I've always wanted to do a cake tasting!), I showed her some pictures and she said, "We can do that!" I was elated! Here's my awesome cake!

Pretty cool, right? Not only was it a dead ringer for the fabric right down to the woven texture on the brown background to make it look like fabric, it was DELICIOUS! I was so proud of this cake that I sent a picture to Amy's studio. I even got an email from Amy herself wishing me a happy birthday. It was one of my best birthdays ever! Not just because of the cake but I was able to spend it with my family. Doesn't get better than that.

I want to thank Crumbs of Paris for an awesome job! Check them out at Crumbs of Paris or call them at 619.440.4910. They are an award winning cake studio and are genuinely nice people.

Okay, so I had my perfect cake and what else do you need to make it a perfect birthday? Gifts of course! Mostly, I got cash and gift cards which are always great! While fabric is my first love, shopping is my second! My husband and Mom surprised me with a beautiful handbag by JennJohn. Jenn is a "web friend" of mine. We both love to sew, have the same taste in fabric and have made a business of our passion. I've been wanting one of her bags for a while so my husband took all of my hinting and got me one for my birthday! He stepped out of my Amy Butler box and bought me a purse with no Amy Butler fabric in it. A little odd I thought (Jenn thought it was strange too) but the bag is gorgeous and I love it and I've carried it ever since I opened it!


Click the link above and check out Jenn's stuff. I've gotten so many compliments carrying this bag! If you want a fun summer bag, you'll find it here!

So now that I am back into the swing of things, I hope to update you more often. I will post pictures of the projects I've completed this week. I have another baby set (Ellie, Quilt and Happy Stacker) to show you and I also will be reviewing Amy Butler's Domestic Goddess Apron Pattern.

Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Home!

Yes, I am finally home! We had a great time in San Diego but I am glad to be back home and ready to tackle everything I left on hold two weeks ago! Of course, I have no pictures for you yet. I can't even find my camera in this mess of luggage.

I used my new Field Bag on the airplane and it tickled me everytime someone stared (and they all stared)! I don't think they were admiring my fine workmanship or even the gorgeous fabric. I believe they all were wondering if I had stowed a small body in there but I didn't care. I was fabulous!

The Big Blue Hat got a workout as well. I am about ten shades darker than when I left. I was so pale that my skin actually had a green tinge to it. I am now healthy looking minus the red skin on my legs. That was from the last day of "I'm leaving tomorrow so I better get one last sunning session". Yep, I was a little too ambitious. I even turned down a shopping trip to get a few more rays. Can you blame me? Here in TX, if you step outside you burst into flames. And don't give me "at least it's a dry heat". Dry, humid, it's still 106!! That's just too hot. So we got outside and cut down the small forest that we call our yard, promptly both got headaches and now we won't be leaving the house the rest of the day for fear that they'll have to come sweep up our ashes on the front sidewalk.

Oh, it was my birthday too! I haven't had anyone make a big deal about my birthday in a while so I decided I was going to this year. I commisioned a fantastic cake to look like one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics. Pictures to come soon, I promise, as soon as I find that blasted camera! It was GORGEOUS and DELICIOUS and I hate that I left the remainder of it in my Mom's fridge but I hope they EAT IT and don't throw it out! It wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny. My whole family made it over and we swam, had cocktails, ate a lot and they even humored me with the worst rendition of Happy Birthday ever. I don't think they enjoyed it but they did it none the less. The cake had no candles. I was told it would have been a fire hazard. Rude.

My husband surprised me by shipping in a jennjohn handbag. I've blogged about Jenn before. I've been wanting one of her bags for a while so now I have one! It is beautiful, of course. He opted for a bag that did not have Amy Butler but has Carla Miller fabric. It's beautiful! Again, once the camera shows itself, I'll post pictures. A big thanks to Jenn! I'll email you as soon as this headache goes away!

Well, I have a ton of stuff to do but honestly, I think I am going to go freeze my head for a while. I'll post my pictures later so check back soon!