Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the Road Again

That's right, we are on the road again this week. This time we will be setting up shop in Brownwood, Texas. I am so excited about this show. We have become friends with so many fellow vendors since we've been peddling our wares around Texas and Oklahoma. All of our favorite people will be doing this show. I am also really excited about visiting Brownwood. It's a very small town but those are the best kind! Just from making a call to reserve our hotel room I encountered such nice people. I still have so much to do. I'll be slicing fabric all morning, I have dogs to get to the kennel, three humans to pack up and a U-haul to load so it will be a very busy day.

As for sewing, I've started the Fresh Picked Pin Cushion pattern by Heather Bailey. This is such a fun pattern. I've made two strawberries and have finished the pear but am still needing a stem and a couple leaves. I'll try and get the apple and tomato finished before we leave tomorrow morning but honestly, I doubt that will happen. I am also working on some gifts for Mom for Mothers Day (yes, Mother's Day is upon us!) and a gift for my sister's birthday which is just around the corner. I visited my friend Ann's quilt shop a couple weeks ago and noticed that she bought a bunch of the Flirt line so I bought up some of that and am planning a Dresden Plate quilt. It's the free pattern that Westminster was offering on their site with this fabric line. Why a Dresden Plate?? I have no idea but I really want to expand my quilting knowledge. What better way to do that than to jump in! I am hoping it won't sit in my project closet forever.

In Amy Butler news:

I have heard from my rep that we are expecting more fabulous things from Amy Butler this year. She will be introducing some new quilting weight and Home Dec lines around the end of summer and at Fall Market. I probably won't purchase any more Home Dec (unless I want it for myself!) but I will of course have all of the quilting weight as soon as it's available. Belle and Lotus have been discontinued and I am selling out quickly so if there is anything you want, please visit my website,, or go to my eBay store, A Joyful Soul Fabrics.

Have a great weekend and if you are anywhere near Brownwood, Texas, I would love to see you! We will be at the Brownwood Coliseum Saturday and Sunday. You should be able to find it if you google it. If not, contact me via email,, and I'll get you directions. I think there are two Brownwoods in Texas. This Brownwood is the one nearer to Ft. Worth, not the gulf coast!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hey! I wanted to let you know that my very good friends Rhonda and Russ at The Back Porch Quilters are doing a giveaway on their blog. They are giving away one edge to edge quilting job for any size quilt! Russ is a very talented long arm quilter and has quilted quite a few of my booth samples as well as textile company samples AND his work has been featured in several quilting magazines! How did I get hooked up with such quilting royalty?? I'll never tell!! Check out the blog and post a comment so you can get your name thrown into this exciting giveaway!!

GO HERE: The Back Porch Quilters Blog

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Best Day Ever!

What would be your best day ever?? I'm not talking about the day you got married or had your first baby or subsequent babies. Those are givens. I'm talking about something that would make you so happy you could just burst into the Sponge Bob song, "It's the Best Day Ever"! (Those of you with young kids know the song I'm talking about...don't deny it!) Well, that day happened to me!! For a while, Em and I have been collecting horse fabric for a quilt for her. I fully expected to sew it myself but imagine my overswelling heart when she said she wanted to sew!! Huh?? I thought she was so uninterested in "my sewing thing". But no, she wanted to sew it herself! I, of course, helped her cut out the pieces and we used a very easy pattern called the Take 5. She actually enjoyed herself!

"Why is this such a big deal?", you may ask yourself. You need to understand something. Em has never shown any interest in what I do. I have had delusions of grandeur thinking that Em and I would gallivant across the countryside stopping at every quilt/fabric shop we could find! I always said to myself that the day she wanted to sit at the sewing machine and create something would be, well....THE BEST DAY EVER!!

Isn't she adorable!?! I might actually have a quilt shop buddy after all! YEAH!!