Saturday, August 29, 2009

Midwest Modern Contest Entries

My entries for Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Contest are finished and yes, I actually entered them! I didn't chicken out! (Which was a HUGE step for me! Those of you who know me understand!) My first piece was a purse that I designed. I foundation pieced all of my left over "strings" to a piece of muslin.

My next piece was a MUCH needed portfolio to keep my split personalities organized! I have been very intrigued by the new textile trend of selvedge sewing so I grabbed up all of my Midwest Modern selvedges from my scrap bin and foundation pieced those as well to develop this great portfolio.

One side is business and one side is personal. I have places for checkbooks as well as my business cards (A Joyful Soul Fabrics and NSHS Ombudsman stuff.) There are places to stuff receipts/stamps/post it notes...all of the things that get lost because they end up at the bottom of my purse.

I had to raid my stash of ribbons and vintage buttons for these projects which is always fun! I've already had one request to develop both patterns into a class which is so flattering! Or maybe I just have the greatest friends on God's Green Earth!! (The latter is the absolute truth!!)

If you have a Midwest Modern project you'd like to enter, just send pictures to The deadline is September 15 and your entries may be uploaded to her Flickr page. She's giving away patterns, Midwest Modern fabric and a signed copy of her book.

What's on my "Creative To-Do-List" now?? Well, besides a couple "Navy Quilt" requests, I have a dress floating around in my head right now and it absolutely needs to get out! It will either be the most beautiful thing I will ever wear or it will be a total disaster but I need to try it either way. I am in search of the perfect fabric which of course doesn't exist locally so I may take a trip to Dallas or OKC to find it. My first trick is to make a mold of my body. A couple friends, a bottle of wine, a form fitting T-shirt and a million rolls of duct tape....this should be interesting!


Rachel said...

wow that bag is amazing and the purse is too cute good luck x

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Thanks Rachel! It was fun! I love seeing my sketches actually come to life!