Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, after a few days of living in a comatose stupor...I think I am back. Maybe not 100% just yet, but I'm getting there. Oklahoma City was FANTABULOUS....yes, it's a word. We had great fun and sold out of quite a few things. I've placed my orders and we should be fully stocked by next week. Of course, I endured some pain. The Lotus and Belle lines are disappearing. You don't know how bad I want to take all of this fabric off my web site and hide it in my closet!! After all, this is what hooked me on Amy Butler and what started this exciting roller coaster life I live! Every time I "burned" a bolt and travelled to the trash can to discard that sad, empty cardboard flat, I would glance at the end and read the name, almost in memoriam. I never said I wasn't loony toons. I'm as crazy as they get when it comes to Amy's fabrics. Every time I sell out of one of her items I can no longer get, I sink into this grieving period. I know, I make a great business woman, right? My husband is ready to commit me.

So, now that my shows are over for the year (sniff sniff), I need to concentrate on my web site. We've joined the Fab Shop Network and will be participating in the Fab Shop Hop in September. If you have never heard of the Fab Shop Hop, go to their web site, This is a virtual shop hop where you go to these great online quilt/fabric shops and try to find the bunny. You click on the bunny and it registers you for great prizes. You can win gift certificates to different shops and the grand prize is always really cool. A sewing machine or a sewing caddy or a ton of fabric! I swear, when I first got hooked on this, John was deployed and I was bored to tears at night after Em went to bed. I would stay up all night and search web sites and try and find that bunny. After I finally went to bed, all I could see was that bunny floating in my dreams. It's great fun and it introduces you to a ton of great web sites with different fabrics. I never knew the amount of fabric out there until I did this hop for the first time.

I'm feeling creative today. I have plenty of sewing orders to fill but I'm feeling a Blue Sky Hat coming on. We'll be laying by the pool in San Diego soon and I need to protect this pasty skin of mine. I've also started cutting out Amy's new Field Bag and Tote pattern. Almost all of the interfacing is cut (it takes quite a bit, this is going to be one sturdy bag!) but I am still debating on which fabrics to use. I was told I needed to make it exactly like the cover. Umm, it's pretty, and I might do that for the shows next year but I'm not feeling it. Every crafter knows, you have to "feel" what you're doing. Otherwise, the inspiration just isn't there. I think I'll stick with the Midwest Modern line but use a fabric that I wouldn't normally gravitate to. Step out of my box a bit. (Well, okay, I'm hanging an arm out of the box.)

Here are some pictures from OKC:

Yes, that is a teal blue Singer Featherweight. Isn't it beautiful?! I want this machine so bad.
Okay, I'm off to see if my noggin is too big for this pattern. Wish me luck!


Debbie said...

Your booth was wonderful at OKC. Hope to order more from your online store soon. Thanks for coming to Oklahoma.

Kirsten said...

I enojoyed meeting you at the quilt show. I knew I was in trouble when I saw all of the pretty fabric. I hope to see you agian in OKC. I know that I will be ordering from you in the future.

jennjohn said...

I'm in LUST!! I want it too! I only sew on vintage Singers!! Yes please!!