Friday, May 29, 2009

One More Designer

I've been meaning to introduce you to Jenn of JennJohn Handbags for quite some time. I've had her on my design wall (well, not literally "her" but her name and so on) for a while. This is another designer who uses all of my favorite fabrics! She makes original handbag designs and has her own web site. The coolest thing are her bag names. They are all named after cocktails! How cool is that!? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not an alcoholic or anything. I can count on one hand (okay maybe two) the amount of cocktails I have in a month (does wine count?). But there is something so cool about carrying a bag named "Pomegranate Martini" or "Hot Sake". The concept is so fun! Her new line of bags have taken on "Tea" persona's such as "Darjeeling" and "Earl Grey". I am going to order one for myself but I can't choose! I've been stalking her web site for months trying decide which one I want.

Sapphire Martini

Red Rooibos Tea

Aren't they pretty? Go to her site and check it out. She has the "Top Ten Reasons to Buy a JennJohn" on her homepage. Number 5 is my favorite!

JennJohn Handbags

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jennjohn said...

Thank you for including me on your blog Joy!! Did you get your birthday present yet? It's not Amy Butler though....?!