Sunday, May 24, 2009

It was like Christmas in May....

Really! As I drove around the corner the UPS truck was sitting in my driveway. I love the UPS truck. Even though it's big and bulky and....well, brown, it always brings a smile to my face when I hear the low, sweet rumble of that truck turn the corner to my street. I am reminded of that scene in The Music Man (one of my most fave musicals!) where a little Ron Howard sings..."Ooh the Wellths Fargo Wagon iith a-comin' down the sthreet, oh pleasthe let it be for me!" Spit flying everywhere! I know, it's so silly. But isn't it cool that something so simple can still bring a smile to someone's face?

So what does all this reminiscing of UPS trucks mean? Yes, the Heather Bailey arrived! That is why you haven't heard from me in a while! I've been sewing all week! Have I been a happy little camper! Emme has a new bathroom now.

This was a fun project. She picked all of her fabrics and I sewed for three days straight! This is the wall hanging I made to go in the bathroom but it hasn't been hung up yet.

This is an easy applique technique that I discovered at the quilt show in Arlington. The pattern is called "Flutterby" by Another by Anita. I was really intrigued by her booth which was full of awesome applique patterns. At first glance, I was scared because I like easy, and this didn't look easy to me, until I looked a bit closer. Anita had a fabulous story board explaining the process. I quickly realized, I could totally do this!! It was as easy as she said it was! The hardest part was finding the right fabrics to go in each design element. Not really hard but fun and challenging! If you want to try applique, this is really the easiest way to go. A little Wonder Under, some invisible thread and your zig zag stitch and you are set. Check out the link to her web site and tell her Joy from A Joyful Soul Fabrics sent you!!

And for my last trick.....

The Marlo Bloom Handbag by Heather Bailey. This is the pattern that hooked me for life on Heather Bailey. Love the bag, love the fabric, I even love the scrappy flower pin. So, of course I had to make it!

I can't wait to carry this little gem around town and soak up all the compliments!
So, that's what I've been up to this week. I have another project I am starting tomorrow. Another quilt, out of Heather Bailey of course!
Let me know what you all have been up to! I know you're creating something fabulous! I will be having a designer showcase on the blog next week. I have two designers that I can't wait to introduce you to. They use Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabrics in their original creations! So gorgeous. You'll love to meet these beautiful entrepreneurial women!
Good night, time to sew in my dreams!


TheBackPorchQuilters said...

Love that shower cutain! I have been dying to make one. Can you tell me how? Mine somehow got taken apart last year to be made into a quilt, if you can believe that. Russ liked the applique on it and said it would make a beautiful quilt. Well, guess where it is? Laying in the mound of unquilted tops I already have. My husband is a long armer and you know what they say, "The cobbler's children have no shoes." Yep, that's me.fLove the purse. We made a baby quilt out of the same Heather Bailey fabric. Will we be getting that Heather Bailey quilt soon?
Russ and Rhonda

The Enchanted Quilt said...

Joy, tell Emily I love her new bathroom. I really like the purse too. It's always fun seeing something made from Heather Bailey's fabrics. I really proud of you, Joy. You are doing a great job.
The Enchanted Quilt