Saturday, April 4, 2009

Best Day Ever!

What would be your best day ever?? I'm not talking about the day you got married or had your first baby or subsequent babies. Those are givens. I'm talking about something that would make you so happy you could just burst into the Sponge Bob song, "It's the Best Day Ever"! (Those of you with young kids know the song I'm talking about...don't deny it!) Well, that day happened to me!! For a while, Em and I have been collecting horse fabric for a quilt for her. I fully expected to sew it myself but imagine my overswelling heart when she said she wanted to sew!! Huh?? I thought she was so uninterested in "my sewing thing". But no, she wanted to sew it herself! I, of course, helped her cut out the pieces and we used a very easy pattern called the Take 5. She actually enjoyed herself!

"Why is this such a big deal?", you may ask yourself. You need to understand something. Em has never shown any interest in what I do. I have had delusions of grandeur thinking that Em and I would gallivant across the countryside stopping at every quilt/fabric shop we could find! I always said to myself that the day she wanted to sit at the sewing machine and create something would be, well....THE BEST DAY EVER!!

Isn't she adorable!?! I might actually have a quilt shop buddy after all! YEAH!!

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Joy said...

Way Cool!!!
I can understand fully!