Monday, March 2, 2009

Where Does it GO??

Isn't that the question we all ask ourselves about this time of year? Maybe I'm alone but I suspect that most of us are asking "where does the time fly?" about March 1st! Honestly, I barely remember Christmas ever happening and now, all of a sudden, they are testing the tornado sirens! It can't possibly be close to Spring yet! (Hopefully, that will be the only time I hear them this year!) We have already started thinking about putting the house on the market as we are getting ready to move on to our new duty station soon. I won't say where that is just yet as I always jinx myself! I will say that if it all works out, I will be very happy!

We were lucky enough to be invited to vend at the Munday, Texas Cotton Pickin' Quilt Show this year. We have returned and had so much fun. It is a lot of work traveling with our store but honestly, it is so worth it meeting all the people we are lucky enough to come in contact with! Munday is a very small farming town but so full of wonderful and joyous people, most of which were born and raised in this tiny town. We met a school teacher who grew up in Munday and had some wise advice for our 8 year old. We also met quite a few people from out of town who travel every year to visit this annual event. (I think they come for the food, the best chicken spaghetti I have ever eaten!!) I even had a customer travel all the way from Oklahoma City just to see me! That gave me goosebumps! I work very hard at running our store and giving the best customer service I know how to give so when I hear that someone travelled that far just to see me, WOW! It was incredible! We were also lucky enough to be located right next to two of my very good friends, Ann and Jim of Mr. Sweeney's Country Quilt Shop and Kathy of The Enchanted Quilt. We also got to say hello to Ron and Nora of Hands on Tradition who we first met at The Red River Quilt Guild Show and have been running the same circuit ever since! All of these shop owners are genuinely nice people who truly care about everyone! I am so lucky to know them!

I have been working on some new projects. The Lydia Dress by Pink Fig is complete and was in our booth on our borrowed mannequin (Thanks Ann!) who we have yet to name. This was the first time I've worked with elastic thread and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. The pattern does call for some serging which I do not have so I did some satin stitched edging instead. Then I moved to under-turned hems as the satin stitching took a long time. I love the way it turned out. It grabbed a lot of attention at the show.

I will be making another one soon but would really like a serger to finish it. That probably won't happen so I'll brush up on my satin stitch!!

Have a wonderful day and go play in your fabric!!

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Christi smith said...

Hi...Joy (right?)
I have seen your booth at the OKC quilt show last year and was at the dallas show a few weeks ago. I absolutely love anything amy butler, anna marie horner and anything sandi henderson. Your booths are usually the stand outs with all of these wonderful fabrics. I was sorry to see the lydia dress out by saturday and hope to order it. I wanted to comment because i had just tried elastic thread this past week and absolutely love it. It was so easy and fun. Did you get excited when you put the steam on the thread and it bunched itself up?!!! Anyway. I look forward to see what you offer next.