Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Literally Have TWO MINUTES!!

The fact that I am even spending the time to blog right now shows you how much of a procrastinator I am! Man, what a couple of weeks it has been! Exciting, but exhausting! We had the Iowa Park Quilt Show this past weekend and had such a wonderful time! We were located in a room across from the exhibition hall and were lucky enough to be situated across from two of the funnest ladies I've met! They own a production business called S & S Designs and they have all sorts of nifty home-made crafts to make your life a little easier! These great "scrubbies" that are heavy duty cleaners but you are able to use them on just about anything without scratching the surface! They also make potato sacks (pop a potato in and microwave for an oven baked taste! I haven't had a chance to try mine yet as I have been drive-thru-ing it all week!) , beautiful doilies, fuzzy hair scrunchies which were a huge hit with the kids and crocheted kitchen wash cloths just to name a few! We had a lot of fun and laughed...a lot! I met more brand new Amy Butler fans and did really well! I am hoping they will make this an annual event! I will most certainly be back if they do! Here is a picture of me in our booth, I am wearing the Barcelona Skirt I made the night before.

This is a simple A-Line skirt with a zipper closure. I was so excited that I was able to get the XL pattern cut out from 1 YARD of her Home Decor fabric (AFTER PRE-SHRINKING)!! That's a $17 skirt folks! Can't get much more economical and stylish than that!! Yes, yes, it has an invisible zipper. The directions in the Barcelona Skirt pattern for putting in an invisible zipper are so easy, you'll never be afraid of a zipper again! But, if you are still weirded out by it, take some muslin and a zipper (they're 2 bucks) and practice. Aren't I CUTE!! A bit pasty white but hey, it's March, and when the heck do I have time to lay in the sun?? (Hopefully by next year, I'll be planning a trip to Hawaii!! We all need goals, right?)

Last night Ann (Mr. Sweeney's Country Quilt Shop), Kathy (The Enchanted Quilt) and I were invited to attend the Pease River Quilters Guild meeting in Vernon, Texas. What a fabulous group of ladies! They fed us (Wonderful food! Quilters sure know how to feed peoples tummies and hearts!!) and we set up shop so they could take a look at what we had to offer in our stores. It was a win/win! They didn't have to drive an hour to get to us and we had a chance to introduce our items! They were very grateful for the work we put into it and we were extremely grateful for such a warm welcome! I did bring my camera but we were all too busy to take pictures! (YEAH!) For most of these ladies, Amy Butler is new. You can't find a whole lot of it in these small towns (until I roll in!!) but they loved it! Vernon is going to be swimming in Birdie Slings before long! They also purchased yardage to use in their monthly block challenges! That warms my heart! I am such a die-hard Amy fan, so when I can bring her beautiful designs into a group who might not have seen it otherwise, my AWESOME job is done!

Well, I better hit it! I have today only to prepare for Dallas as Emily and I are riding the big yellow school bus tomorrow to the Oklahoma City Science Museum with the school. This week has been the definition of BAD TIMING but we just keep plugging along. I think we are doing great and after this weekend, we will have a few days to relax and then I am off to San Diego! Unfortunately, I am being sent in an official Command capacity (I am now the Naval School of Health Sciences San Diego Detachment Command Ombudsman, I needed something to do in all of my spare time!) but I get to sleep in the room I grew up in and that is always comforting! I need some Mommy time!

I will most likely talk to you after we return from Dallas so wish me luck and come see me if you are near Market Hall on March 13, 14 and 15!!


Anonymous said...

I DID come see you at Market Hall and I am so excited to have found you!! I came by your booth three times and it was always so busy I just got a card so I can buy online. You've got a great thing going and I love it. Good for you and I'll be visiting soon and often!

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

I am SO SO sorry you didn't get a chance to come into the booth! We were so jam packed, it was insane!! Next year, we'll have a double booth and you will have to come say hello!