Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Laptop Burrito

Here's my latest project! This was actually a quick one. About half a day. It's so funny, the patterns you look at and read through that seem to be really detailed, involved and kind of scare you, are the ones that are a snap to complete! Weird!

This is an Amy Butler pattern, Laptop Cover & MP3 Case. I haven't started the MP3 case yet but the laptop cover was fun! The fabric I used are my two favorites out of her new Midwest Modern 2 line. This is truly just a cover. That's why I call it a burrito! Or you could call it your laptop diaper....okay, I like burrito better.

It's an easy way to personalize your workspace. This cover uses canvas duck cloth , lots of it, as an interfacing and also two layers of Peltex and one layer of fleece (I used Thermolam Plus) on the bottom to protect your computer. The next one I make will have some small pockets on the inside of the liner. That way, when I'm working on my laptop on a flight or in a coffee shop somewhere, I'll have some pockets to keep my essentials close at hand.

The flaps can fold in or under if you are cramped for space. This was a fun way to showcase my favorite fabric! The pattern was super easy to customize to my laptop size. It is written for an average size laptop but my laptop is a tad bigger.
As always, Amy delivers in this pattern with clear and concise instructions.
Watch out with the bulk on your machine. Do not be afraid to trim back some of the interfacing in your seams. Your machine will appreciate it!

I'm telling you, if you have this pattern and you're afraid to start...JUST DO IT!! I know I'm starting to sound like Nike but I am always hearing from people how they've had these patterns for so long but have been afraid to try them. You are missing out on some major fun!

Also, I am in the planning stages for our online class. We'll be doing the Birdie Sling and I am hoping to start in about 4 weeks. That gives you all plenty of time to get your patterns and fabric. I'll post an entry about a week before we start giving you all of your prep directions. When I contacted Amy's studio about the class, they were so excited! She even sent me some free patterns to do a giveaway during the class. I'll give you more details on how we will do the giveaway later. It'll be fun for sure! Have a great day and go sew something!!


Robin said...

That is really pretty fabric. I want one, but does your laptop ever feel like it is going to burst into flames? Mine does.

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

It does sometimes! I have a pretty heavy duty fan under mine and it kicks on often. It will be interesting to see if the fleece and Peltex in the bottom of this cover makes it hotter or if it allows more air to circulate through. Don't know! I'll know soon! I think I'm on my way to San Diego in March.