Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swing it, Girl!

Hey everyone! I have a new project I want to share with you all! I am getting ready for Dallas and like I've said before, I am kitting EVERYTHING! I wanted to make sure that all of my kits are easy patterns to follow so my booth will be friendly for all levels of sewers! Have I found the best pattern ever for this! Now, I have sold Amy Butler patterns in my store for a while and yes, I have made a lot of them but for some reason, I never have tried the Swing Bag. Until now! Love, love, LOVE this pattern! Super easy and quick with not a huge amount of yardage requirements. It uses cotton duck cloth canvas interfacing which I have never used before but it works so well. Go figure! Those smart people in Amy's studio really know what they are doing!

I usually model my stuff myself but today is a snow day and all of us Mom's know that when you don't have to leave the house, their really is no reason to do hair and make-up. Such a waste, so, meet Abby! She travels with us to our shows and is part of the family! (Kind of creepy, I know.)

This is a reversible bag so no pockets. Some people will love that (less hassle) and some, not so much (me! I need a place to put my cell phone or it will be lost in the black hole!). It would be incredibly easy to add pockets to this if you so choose. It won't be reversible anymore but hey, let's face it, who hasn't had a lifesaver stuck to the bottom of their purse. Kind of ruins the whole reversible thing, right? (Okay, I may be alone there.)

This pattern calls for 5/8 of a yard each for the exterior and the reversible side panels and straps plus 5/8 yard of canvas duck cloth which you use as a sew-in interfacing. Then you have the option to add this sash which I love but need to be honest with you, I am not a huge bow person. When I carry this purse, it will be knotted! Or tied around my waste as a cute coordinating belt (depending on how bad a muffin top I am sporting that day, after all, we'd like to actually see the sash). The sash is super easy but requires 1 1/4 yards of fabric due to the sash being cut on the bias. You will have a lot of fabric left over to add to another project or maybe make a little wallet to match your purse!

Now, I need to ask you all a question. I was thinking of trying to do a class on one of Amy's patterns over my blog. I have no idea how this would work but I figure, with pictures and video, it might be a fun way to have a virtual purse class. What do you think? Is there a pattern that you've been wanting to try but your confidence isn't there yet? Maybe the Birdie Sling? The Swing Bag? The In Town Handbag or Frenchy? These are all really simple patterns. I carry them all and I have free shipping on my patterns right now. You would just need to buy the pattern (from me or someone else!) and use whatever fabric you want (Amy Butler fabric is just gorgeous! Check out my website, I have it all)! Let me know what you think! It would be fun!

Keep warm everyone!


TheBackPorchQuilters said...


We have made a few for our friends and they love them!!! It is an easy pattern.

Russ & Rhonda

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Easy and fun! I have a friend who made one of these for a fellow nurse who is serving in Iraq. She uses it as her shower bag. A little bit of girly prettiness in not such a girly (or pretty) place! I bet everytime she looks at that bag, it brings a smile to her face!

Marie said...

a virtual purse pattern would be awesome. I've had the birdie sling pattern since before last Halloween and I'm too afraid to try it. If you do have one, please let me know!

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

I'm leaning more towards doing the class on the Birdie Sling. I have more people who really want to try it but something is stopping them from jumping in. I've talked to Amy's studio and they are all for a virtual class. I am going to plan it out and start filming soon! I'll let you know when the first session is ready to "air". Thanks!

Suzanne said...

I would love a "learn along" My past efforts have been on the limp side, it will be great to learn from an expert.