Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's in the Bag!

So, those of you who know me know that I am referred to in these parts as "The Bag Lady". No, I don't look like a hobo and wander the streets with my belongings in old shopping bags and drink wine from the bottle in a paper sack (I use a glass). I make handbags. Everyone knows that. I design my own or I find great patterns and if I see a cool handbag in a store or on the internet, I can usually reproduce it pretty well in my Amy Butler fabric. (Once I saw a Prada bag online and I did my own version of it in Pink Tree Peony! One of my favorites!)

Since I decided to branch out in what I offered in patterns, I had so much fun researching who I was going to go with. I know I've talked about Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studios before. Well, "talk" isn't the word. I sing her praises! What fabulous patterns! (She was the one who designed the Sophia Trench Coat you've read about before!) I didn't have any samples to hang in my booth so I decided to complete one of her patterns over the weekend. She has a pattern called the Dharma Eco-Bag. This has been pretty popular in my online store. I figure these people knew something I didn't! Boy, was I right! Okay, you know how all of the grocery stores are offering those reusable bags for $1.00 or whatever? They are so ugly but I get it. Well, what Kay did is take the basic construction of your plastic stay-in-a-landfill-forever bags and turn it into the coolest "green" grocery sack pattern ever! Kay has created this awesome pattern with innovative techniques to make this bag fully lined and uses an enclosed seam across the bottom. It is pleated on each side just like a plastic sack. It also folds down into the little pocket on the outside so you can carry about 8 of them in your regular purse (well, okay, I carry a big purse but the point is, they fold down smaller).

This was a really fun project but it wasn't just the construction that was fun. When I took them to the grocery store, I had 3 people ask me where I got them! AND, THE BEST PART, did you know that if you bring your own reusable sacks to the grocery store, they give you money off your grocery bill?? Save the planet and earn $.10 in the process! I was so excited! (Listen, I'm glued to a computer all day long! Let me have my excitement where I can get it!)

Now, I realize that just buying the reusable sacks at the store is easier but think about all of that glorious fabric you bought and still have no idea what you are going to do with it. I had this fabric sitting in my stash closet with no plans to speak of. Now look at it! And the funniest thing is making your local bag boy carry your frilly, floral sacks to your car....teehee! (I am so evil!)


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Robin said...

OK, no, I don't want to go sew something. Will you do it for me? I love these bags!