Monday, January 5, 2009

The Holidays are OVER!?!

What? Was it Christmas? I can't remember! It was a complete and total blur. I know there was a Nintendo Wii somewhere in the mix. I am so tired of hearing "Can I play Wii Mom? Mom? Can I? Mom?" I think I will have the first 8 year old with carpal tunnel the way she's been attached to that Wii remote. It's fun though. I did manage to find some time in between sewing and folding fat quarters to ROCK OUT the drums on Rock Band!! Who knew? If this fabric business thing doesn't work out, I'm starting my own band! I can for sure make a career of that!

Back to reality. Now that all of the presents have been opened, I can safely post pictures of the gifts that were made for my family this year. First, I made a quilt for my sister who I have promised a quilt for I can't tell you how many months.

This is of course Amy Butler fabric and is a free pattern on her website. I added a few touches of my own. I really like this one. The pattern is simple and it allows the beautiful fabrics to create the drama. I know my sister liked it too.

Next is a small lap quilt I made for John's Mom. This was a really fun quilt. The pattern is from the book Strip Happy, which I carry in the store now because this pattern was great! I can't wait to try out the other patterns. It is made for 2.5" strips (which we now carry in Amy Butler fabrics!!) and was a breeze to put together. The fabrics I used are from the Moda Chez Moi Fresh Air line. I bought these from my friend Ann in Thornberry, TX. She owns Mr. Sweeney's Country Quilt Shop.

I also made a cute little pillow for Emme's Papa. She is desperately trying to get him to stop shooting deer so she thought making him a deer pillow would help change his mind. I love my little Wildlife Warrior!!

I doubt that it worked but I know he loves it and it is in his chair as we speak. He says it's perfect for when he is feeding the babies in his chair. What can be better than that!

Also part of the sewing agenda was the block for the Friendship Display of Quilts Raffle Quilt for October 2009. I decided to be an over-achiever, as usual, and pick one of the most difficult blocks there. I chose the foundation pieced Feathered Star. Not abnormally difficult but time consuming and little itty-bitty pieces of fabric. Yuck! Thank goodness it was only one block. Next year, I'm doing a nine patch!

Yeah, yeah, my points aren't perfect. But I was pretty proud of it! Any block like this that doesn't end up in the bottom of my stash closet is a winner in my book!

Let me think, that is about all I have pictures of. I made a beautiful gift bag out of fabric for my Mom's Christmas present and of course, didn't take a picture. I did get the Quilters' Tool Box for my Pfaff for Christmas from my husband! I am so excited to start messing with that when I have a free moment which will be sometime in 2010. Looking forward to that. More to come later. I finished the Weekender Travel Bag last night. I have quite a bit to say about that one so I'll save it for another time!

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Robin said...

Wow that first quilt sure is nice!