Saturday, December 20, 2008

JOY ~ Woman of Mystery

I know, it's been a while. Between the trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving and finishing up all of the Christmas presents to be mailed by Dec 12...well, there just hasn't been any time. So, now that the Third Grade Christmas Party is over (smashing hit I might add..."Best Room Mom EVER") and the Husband has calmed down (his students are well on their way home for Christmas break), I finally have some time to share my latest projects.

I have promised you all pictures of my new Trench Coat. This has to be the neatest project I have completed in a while. I know, I say that all the time but seriously, this one was fun. This is a pattern I picked up at Fall Market in Houston and am currently carrying in the store. It was created by Kay Whitt, owner of Serendipity Studio ( It's called the Sophia Trench Coat. Can I just tell you something? I feel so incredibly sexy in this coat! Not only because it's a fine looking coat but, I made it!! Sure, I sew all the time, I make new things everyday, but there was something about this piece that I am just so proud of! It is the second garment I have ever made (that is actually wearable). First of all, the directions were in a word...FANTASTIC. For someone who has never attempted a project like this before, I was amazed how easy it was to put together. And FAST!! I think I had it cut out in about an hour and it was completed by noon the next day. Okay, here are my goofy pictures:

I used Amy Butler's August Fields Home Decor fabric. (Kay suggests using this weight of fabric and I can't imagine making it out of anything else. She also suggests wool or a vinyl coated cotton.)

I wanted a fabric that would really stand out since I will wear this coat in my booth as we travel next year. That's how I noticed it in the first place. Kay was wearing hers in her booth at Market and I instantly gravitated toward it!!

I know, right? HOT! Look out, Paris. You have some serious competition in the pose department!