Friday, October 31, 2008

On a Personal Note! (Please, let me brag!)

videoFor those of you interested in Emily's progress, I've uploaded a video from her last lesson. Her instructor seems to be very pleased with how quickly she is picking this up. I suppose we better start looking for a new house with some land for that horse that I am certain is in our near future!

Catching Up

I have so much to catch you all up on! I've decided to do this little by little!

I mentioned while in Houston that I met Jay McCarroll from Project Runway fame and that he has a new fabric line coming out with Westminster. I'm in love with it, I want it all now and so on. At Jay's booth he had a jar of cool little buttons that had a little something from his fabric lines. He made me close my eyes and reach in to grab one. I picked this tomoato:

He thought I needed another one so he picked this one especially for me! I will cherish it forever!

Don't you just love this deer?? The mushrooms! Do you remember what I said about these mushrooms? They were all over the place when I was a kid! In my parents kitchen, on their clothes, I'm certain they were on my clothes. Back then it was cute, now I know better! Most of that artwork from the 70's was drug-induced but who cares! <> Jay has brought this whimsical artwork back and made it better than ever! If you have a baby girl, think how cute some woodland deer bedding would be with this sweet little thing!! I know, I'm way too excited about this but I hope some of you other thirty-somethings out there get where I'm coming from. (I hope so anyway!)

Here is my autographed headshot (Jay is wearing another print from his fabric line):

And here's Jay and me! I really tried to photo shop my double chin in this one but it was way too freakish so don't pay attention to me! Look beyond me at the walls! His designs are so cool! I hope you think so too! (This fabric line will be available to retailers in February 2009.) If you want it and your local fabric shop doesn't carry it, ASK FOR IT!! I know that this first line of his is just the beginning of some ROCKIN' things to come! Jay: At the risk of sounding like one of those awful people that follow you around the grocery store..."I LOVE YOU, JAY!" (inside joke)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belle Pink Bliss Quilt Kit

I happened to post a comment on under their pattern for the Pink Bliss Quilt and I have had some interest in this kit so I thought I would post some pictures of it so you can see it. I'll be cutting more out tomorrow so if you are interested in purchasing one, let me know right away! I am running out of the Duck Egg Wall Paper and it is backordered at Westminster so these kits will be sold out pretty soon! This pattern was so much fun. It goes together in vertical strips and the cutting is pretty challenging. You also have quite a bit left over to start another quilt top or add to some other fabric to piece your back. Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest! I thought it was so pretty and it gets rave reviews at our shows! This is the one I made up:

I fussy cut some of the squares and some are cut randomly.

I love my little birdie in the corner, his cage is on the other side of the quilt!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houston Fall Market 2008 (I met Amy Butler!!)

My dream came true yesterday! I met Amy Butler and she is just as lovely as everyone says she is! I told her all about my store and she was very excited! She had some exciting things going on in her booth! A couple new patterns and the new Daisy Chain free pattern that will be on her website soon (but I have copies...teehee!!). I don't think I made too much of a fool of myself. I was nervous and shaking but she just puts you at ease. Well, look at her booth! I just wanted to stay there all day! I also met with my rep and was able to see all of Midwest Modern 2 and you will love it! That arrives in December. I am so exhausted from 7 hours on the road so I am heading for bed but I will post more of my pictures tomorrow. I have pic's with Jay McCarroll, Mark Lipinski, Heather Bailey and Jessica Goldman just to name a few! I've purchased a TON of new patterns that will work well with Amy's fabrics. 2009 is going to be an exciting year for A Joyful Soul Fabrics!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Time of My Life

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy 80's movie (Who didn't LOVE Dirty Dancing?? "Nobody puts Baby in a corner.") I have literally had the time of my life in Houston! I have met so many fabulous designers and writers that my head is swimming with new ideas! I met my idol, Amy Butler who is just the sweetest and most gracious person! I am so excited about her new things coming out. A couple new patterns (halter top and apron, yeah!!!) and Midwest Modern 2 will arrive in December. I saw the swatches and it is perfect! Some of her old patterns have been revamped with corrections and some new photos using the new fabrics. I have so many ideas for merchandising my booth and have purchased a ton of patterns (not Amy Butler) that will work great Amy's fabrics!

I met Jay McCarrol of Project Runway fame (Season 1 winner) who has a new line of fabric for Westminster Fibers. Okay, my husband doesn't like it much nor does my fabric rep but I adore it!! I would describe it as funky nostalgic. The prints are small which is a breath of fresh air in the industry right now. Everything has been so big which is good but this stuff is different and different is what Jay is all about. The prints are small bugs, bunnies, deer, tomatoes, mushrooms (the same exact mushrooms my Dad had embroidered on a denim shirt back in the 70's but way cool) and some coordinating stripes and dots of the sort. The bunnies look like they are "hopped" up on caffeine with spiraly eyes. Some might find it disturbing but I found it mesmerizing! It is very dream-like stuff. He taps into those memories we 30 somethings have of our life in the 70's!! He had it made up in garments for adults and kids and I just want it all! This fabric literally just came out so I'm not even sure it's available to us yet but you will be the first to know when I have it...and I WILL have it! (So there!)

I met so many other fabulous designers who were all so nice but my feet are killing me and I could use a stiff drink right about now so I am off to get into the jammies!! When I get home and download my photos, I'll tell you a little more about my celebrity sightings and give you some info on some very exciting things to come! I'm on overload!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quilt Market

Well, we are in Houston at Market and I have had a silly grin on my face since I put my little badge on!! I have already had a brush with celebrity! I met Mark Lipinski, fabric designer, magazine guru (Quilter's Home) and all around quilt God!! I brought my latest edition of his magazine for him to sign and stood very patiently while he was finishing up a conversation with a couple in the hallway outside the Market booths. I held up my magazine and he graciously came over swiped my sharpie and wrote me an oh so loving note..."Joy, Quilt naked, Cupcake. xoxo Mark Lipinski"...I could have died I was so excited!! He is so funny and such a smart-you-know-what (rhymes with bass)!! If you've ever read his articles in his magazine, he is exactly like that. I think that's why I like him so much, he's genuine. He was in a rush so no picture but I am hoping to catch him tomorrow when I have my "photo" outfit on. You know, the outfit that will perfectly match the Amy Butler fabric in my Birdie Sling. I know, just listening to myself I realize what a goober I am. But don't you think that my enthusiam is proof that I am in the right industry? I was never this giddy working at the hospital. How many people can say that they actually have goosebumps for 8 hours while attending a convention related to their job. (Okay, maybe some people but I bet you can count them on one hand.)

Anyway, my husband is asleep (one margarita too many) and I am too excited to sleep so I will just sit here and read my buyers guide planning my attack on these booths tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the day I meet Amy Butler. I hope I don't make a fool of myself. How do you tell someone they are the reason you are so passionate about your work? I hope she is flattered and not frightened! We saw her and her crew setting up their booths from the upper level. We also saw some pretty gorgeous new fabric from up there too! While I am loyal to my business plan of being your one-stop-shop for all things Amy Butler, I am looking at some other designers to possibly add to my store. It won't happen for a while but I would love to grab up a new designer that would compliment Amy's fabrics. I have purchased all of her gift wrap and paper tableware as well. Not sure if I will list that in the store or just carry it with me to the shows but I'll see when it arrives. I have a couple samples of the gift bags and they are gorgeous!! I'll be lucky if I don't claim them all for myself! I am also going to carry her notecards and journals. I'm not sure how many people actually write notes anymore what with email but they are so pretty! Maybe they will inspire someone to actually pick up a pen and buy a stamp.

Well, I have quite a bit of planning to do so I will sign off for now. Wish me luck tomorrow!
"xoxo" Joy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I can finally breathe!

Well, we have been extremely busy lately traveling to some local quilt shows and setting up shop. It was so much work but SO MUCH FUN! I love my little online store but I am telling you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to interact with people and tell them about Amy Butler products. I love hearing how much they love her fabrics and patterns as well. We share little tips and tricks and show off our projects! It was so much fun! I also received some fabulous news...I was accepted to the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show! I am so excited to be involved in such a big show. I am flying my Mom out to stay with Emily and my Aunt and Uncle are also coming up. I am also entering my first quilt in a judged show. That's a little nerve racking but I figure, I have nothing to lose! I have also been accepted as a vendor in Munday, Texas at the Knox Prairie Cotton Pickin' Quilt Show. I have heard this is a fabulous show and we'll be very busy! So much good news!! We are blessed!!

I am busy sewing now trying to catch up on all of my orders! If you've ordered's coming very soon! I am finishing up my first crib bedding order and it is SOOO cute! I will post some pictures as soon as I deliver it to our Mommy-to-Be and put it on the crib. I have some purses that are in the works and will be finished by the end of the week. If you are one of the recipients.....THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!! They will be well worth the wait!

My sister is walking in the 3-day again this year. I have no idea how she does it. I get winded walking into the grocery store. Here is her donor page:

If you know someone personally who has battled this disease or who sadly has passed on due to this disease, you know how important this is!! Robin has trained for weeks for this event and deals with fatigue, sore muscles and blisters for months because she believes so much in finding a cure for breast cancer. She walked last year and is walking again this year in honor of our Grandma Rob who is a breast cancer survivor. Over 60 miles in 3 days. Crazy! But she had so much fun with her pack of wild girls, TEAM BLING!!
Now that our shows are over for a while, I hope to update a bit more often. Keep sewing!!