Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to Business!

Well, we have been home for a while now and we are working hard! We have placed all of the Home Decor in the store on sale and some of the Midwest Modern bolts as well because I just ordered 80 more bolts of fabric and have no where for it to go. Duh! I never said I was good at this business thing! I am having so much fun though!! My customers are the best! I have a new friend who originally emailed me when she was living in Chicago. She loves Amy Butler just as much as I do and she was hoping to come by and take a look at my shop when she moved back to my area. Well, she emailed me saying she was here and I invited her over. She developed this FABULOUS idea of making shower curtains out of Amy Butler fabric. She started with her own, posted her creation on a creative blog and had an amazing response! She has now started her own store on

Here is her link: Showered In Chic

This was one of her first creations:

I am so proud of Lindsey for taking her passion for creating and turning it into a lucrative business venture. I am so honored and lucky to have met so many women who, either out of necessity or out of an undying passion, have taken their hobbies, loves and their God given talents to create successful and fun businesses!! These women are my heroines!! I look up to them and will do everything in my power to help them succeed! Keep checking my blog to meet more of my friends and learn about more truly wonderful and SMART women!! Maybe it will empower you to take that plunge and do what you've always wanted to do!