Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sew-In Interfacing

I am so spoiled when it comes to interfacing! I just finished a project that required sew-in interfacing. I have been on a string of Birdie Slings which calls for the Stacy woven single-sided fusible interfacing which is just the best interfacing I have ever used in my 10 years of sewing! Who would write a pattern that calls for anything sew-in after using this beautiful stuff?!?? Okay, I'm spoiled and lazy when it comes to sewing. But the bag is finished and beautiful even without the Stacy and using Pellon 40 sew-in. Honestly, I'm just bad at sew-in interfacing so I am being a bit unfair to the stuff! I am now offering all of my interfacing in the store. I have the Peltex (suggested by Amy Butler's studio as a replacement to Timtex, 2 layers), Pellon 40, Sof Shape single sided fusible, Stacy Woven single sided fusible, Thermolam Plus Single sided fusible fleece and I even have some Timtex listed.

For those of you who have been wondering, I am still recovering nicely. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I am looking forward to our vacation, we leave July 31 and return August 8. My surgeon has cleared me to fly so now I have to ask if I'll be good to swim. If not, I'll be roasting the whole week! I am not in too much pain, my belly is hurting a bit but my pain medication seems to help with that. I'm only needing it about 1-2 times a day now. So much better than in the hospital where I was pushing the morphine button every ten minutes! I still am not past the whole "Why did I do this?" but I am sure I will be fine with it in about 6 months!

Monday, July 21, 2008

August Fields in July

It's here!! I have received 50 bolts of Amy Butlers Home Decor Fabric. This fabric is amazing! It is a heavy cotton sateen and is 55" wide. Perfect for handbags and of course home decor projects. I am anxious to get the Weekender Travel Bag and the Sophia Carry-All finished for my trip to San Diego. I have a couple special requests to finish before hand but I am hoping to start them this weekend.

I will be offering a new handbag kit in my store. The Frenchy Shoulder and Handbag Pattern seems to be one of the most popular so I tried it out this evening. Now I know why! It is amazingly simple and a quick finish, love it! I have had it in my store for a couple days and have sold two kits already. I will be offering it in the Midwest Modern fabrics which is what I used for my sample bag. It is a relatively inexpensive kit as well. It will retail for $39.99 which is much better than the $59.99 the Birdie Sling requires. It is not as large as the Birdie Sling but is a perfect size for an everyday bag.

I spoke to Westminster today and got an ETA on some of my sold out bolts. Sounds like I should receive most of it by the end of August. Some of this stuff is sold out for another 3000 yards! Crazy! I suppose that's good. I would hate to have a bunch of fabric no one likes!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quilt Patties

I was really hoping to feel well enough to sew today but I have not had a great day. I was told recovery would be difficult but I'm not sure I was ready for this. Anyway, I needed to feel as if I was accomplishing something so I pulled out the perpetual project, Grandmothers Flower Garden. I am sewing it all by hand and have been working on it for....well, FOREVER! It's beautiful though and I will hand quilt it when I'm done.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Home Now!

Well, the surgery was succesful and I am home recovering. It will be a long and painful recovery but I am thrilled that it is all over. I did however come home to an awful situation with my eBay business. I was scammed for the first time. I knew it was just a matter of time but I am so sad and frustrated now that it has happened. I have my first negative feedback. I work so hard to make my customers happy and looking at my 1,000+ feedbacks, that is obvious. This was someone who is just mean and hurtful and completely dishonest. All I have to say is...KARMA!

My friend is here for a week helping us out while I recover. So happy!! We have so much fun together so I am making sure I have a pillow handy to hold over the incision when the hysterical laughter starts. Her little girl is enough to keep us entertained for the entire week!!

I am starting some new projects so I will post some pictures soon!