Saturday, June 28, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter??

Well, today is my first day of clear liquids before I am admitted to the hospital Monday morning. It's not going well! My head is hurting so bad but I just took some pain medication and now am so dizzy I could pass out! I'm excited to report that my daughter finally wants to learn to quilt! I got her all set up and she has now completed a stack of half square triangles! Very exciting! She is using the new Pfaff which is a bit scary but she's doing great! I've been waiting for this day. Up until today, she has only been interested in horses. My baby is learning to sew!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Midwest Modern and LOVING IT!

Okay, not much time. Date night! but here is the finished Midwest Modern Quilt. I love it and it will be hard to part with but I believe this has my sisters name all over it! What a dream sewing on this Pfaff! Look, all my polka dots line up on the borders! So it was an accident but that has NEVER happened before. Had to have been the new machine, right?!?

It's our anniversary this weekend. 12 hard but absolutely fabulous years with the man of my dreams. Okay, I have toes to paint.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No More Guilt!

Okay, the guilt is gone! I stayed up til the wee hours of the morning sewing on my new Pfaff and WOW! I am in love! I will put this quilt top together today and I am so anxious to see all of my perfect 1/4" seams! WOOHOO! My Soul is Joyful again!! (That was bad.) I'm anxious to start sewing with some Minky now and see how it goes. But, I've got a couple purse orders to complete before I enter the hospital on Monday so there just isn't any time. I will post a picture of this top. If you like it, I do sell the kit in my store for $79.99 which is over $30 less than other stores in my area. Not sure why it's so much at that store. I only charge for the fabric and the pattern is free.

Anyway, we have a baby bird crisis in the backyard today. My Wildlife Warrior is afraid the Mommy has deserted her baby so we are going to sit in the backyard and wait until Mommy comes home. If she doesn't come home, we will call the "Deserted Baby Bird Squad" and save the baby. (When does school start again?)

Monday, June 23, 2008

What did I just do??

"Buyers Remorse"....what an awful term! I don't think I'm experiencing actual buyers remorse. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. How about, "Buyers Guilt". Much better. That explains it very well. Did I really need to take home that gorgeous Brand Spankin' new in the Box Pfaff today?? No, I didn't. But did I do it anyway? Yes, I did! Do I deserve it? Yes. I do. I'm sitting here at my laptop trying to justify it. Yes, my handbags will look 100% better having been constructed on this fine piece of German engineering. And yes, I will be able to piece my quilts without my machine eating every 1/4" seam attempt. I'll even be able to master the stippling and meandering that I know I will be so good at if I just had the right machine. Did I mention that this machine has an alphabet? I COOL! Of course the IDT was a must for any quilter, right?? I just spent an enormous amount of money. I have a headache. I was about to take it out of it's box and play. I was putting my trusty Brother away and I swear it started talking to me. "How could you? Okay, so my bobbin is wonky and I like to eat your fabric when you are trying so hard to achieve that impossible 1/4" seam. You have a big rear, I don't replace you with a thinner model." It's in the closet in the front room and I can hear it yelling at me. Or is that my checkbook?? Probably both. I did of course clear the purchase with my other half who happens to be out of town this week. He was okay with it. "Tax write-off." It's for my business after all. I am sure if anyone is reading this right now, you are telling me to shut up so I will. I spent a ton of cash.....but I own a Pfaff. I'm finally a Pfaff girl!! (Headache is how do I thread this bobbin??)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

BAAAAAD Blogger!

Gosh, I stink at this! It's been nearly 3 months since my last post! Well, I have been busy in my defense! The store is keeping me cutting and packing! So many Amy Butler fans out there and I love each and every one of them! I have done my first vendor show at the Lawton Quilt Guild, I was a vendor at the Abilene Quilt Show with my dear friend Ann, I have been a guest speaker at the Third Monday Quilters Group here in Burkburnett and I taught my first class at The Stitching Depot yesterday. I have such a momentum going and now, it is all coming to an abrupt halt! One week from tomorrow is my surgery. I should be in the hospital for at least 3 days. This will be a very painful procedure with a 4-6 week recovery time but I am positive that the long term outcome will far outweigh the temporary pain and frustration. I'm scared and part of me wants to cancel but it's the best thing for my health at this point.


I'm working on a new project! I am making the Midwest Modern Quilt pattern that Amy had on her website for a while. She had to take it off because it resembled someone elses design too closely but luckily, I printed it before it was too late! It's adorable and will look fabulous in my booth at the Friendship Festival Display of Quilts. After the show, I suppose it will go to my sister for Christmas! I owe her a quilt!

John leaves for OK City in a few hours so we are going to make some family time this afternoon. I promise to try harder to post everyday!