Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, I can't sleep and since this seems to be the only time of the day I can actually sit and collect my thoughts and write, here goes. I should be asleep but we have had some major commotion on our street tonight. One of the houses on the other end of our cul de sac burst into flames. I went running down the street in my pj's and no under garments, yes it was quite a sight, to make sure it wasn't our friend Mary's house. It was actually the house next door to her but still. Too close to home. I have seen very few house fires in my 35 years but when I do, it sends a shiver down my spine. Am I ready if something like that were to happen to us? Would I be able to get to my daughter? Would I have my wits about me enough to make sure that my dogs were safe? I am a huge ball of adrenaline right now and I hate that feeling! I've travelled the house, made sure all appliances were unplugged, no candles, etc. All of the fire alarm lights are green. So scary. We pass by this mans house everyday on our walks. We waved to him just Monday when he was bringing in his trash can. Now I wonder if he's okay. Did he get out in time? What about his wife? The police, of course, aren't letting anyone on that side of the street and I did call Mary but there was no answer. She is probably in her front yard, thankful her house was spared. We live in such a quiet town where nothing ever happens so I think when something does happen, it really affects me. You would think I'd be old hat at this stressful stuff. Living in DC during 9-11, the anthrax attacks just outside our neighborhood, the DC sniper. I have had enough excitement to last a lifetime! I like the small town "nothing ever happens here" vibe. When something does happen, I just don't handle it well.

On a brighter note, today, September 11, 2008 at 10:19 am pacific time, my baby turned 8 years old! I remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday. Of course, that was the day the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed and the Pentagon was hit and many people lost their lives. I was home alone with Emily. John was locked down in the hospital in Bethesda since they were expecting wounded from the Pentagon. I just remember looking at my beautiful daughter and being so happy that she was unable to understand the evil that resides in some people. I remember wondering if she would be sad that her special day was also the anniversary of the day so many people lost their lives. I have to say, I am sort of proud that her birthday happens to be 9/11. 9/11 is now Patriot's Day. She and her classmates wear red, white and blue and participate in the "Freedom March". They sing the National Anthem and wave our flag high and proud. I think she is proud that her birthday is Patriot's Day. It just makes her all the more special.

I am going to try and get some sleep now. I was up late making minky blankets and elephants for my new neice and nephew who were born on September 5. They were a bit too early and are still hospitalized but are both doing very well. They will be so very trendy with their new Amy Butler blankets and matching stuffed elephants!

Daisy Chain is still expected next week. I will list it as soon as it arrives!


Lori said...

Hey Joy!

You havent met me yet. I'm Lori, Rodney's girlfriend.. the blankets you made for the babies are the cutest things! You are very talented.. :)

Lookin forward to meeting ya'll..

A Joyful Soul Fabrics said...

Hi Lori!
I'm new at this blogging thing so I'm sorry I didn't see your post! I am really looking forward to meeting you! See you at Thanksgiving!